Natasha The Notorious!



I love the shysters that I have created in my Fuchsia Minnesota Series. What many people might not know is that I have two shysters at home, Natasha and Boris. Natasha likes to sneak and get into trouble. From the first day we got her we realized we were had a problem, nothing was safe, because she could unlock the heavy bi-fold door into my porch office. We had to put a hook on the door to keep her out.

Her love of trouble continued in the kitchen when she mastered opening the kitchen cupboard doors. We put heavy Velcro on the doors so she couldn’t open them. One day she got herself into the drawer next to my bed. It isn’t unusual for her to open the door on my closet in the bedroom. In this video it was all the way closed and latched. She already had it open by the time I got the camera out. I was interested in seeing how she had done what she had done a few days earlier. She repeated the act in this video. I am a novice but I hope you enjoy Natasha’s How To Video for her cat friends.


The Rhythm of the Rain

Good Morning,

It is raining again in Minnesota. It is a soft soothing rain and a perfect day to open my windows, hear the raindrops and keep on working on Granny Forks A Fugitive. It’s almost done except for edits.

Head on over and like my Facebook page Julie’s Facebook Author Page. I am going to be another year older soon. Today since it still raining in Minnesota I am sharing another song from my youth, The Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades.  Visit my page and comment and share your favorite song from your youth or comment here.

I will randomly pick a favorite song and gift the song I am sharing with you today, Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades through iTunes. You must use iTunes to get this gift.


Review: Split Second

Split Second
Split Second by Catherine Coulter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Catherine Coulter is my favorite author and her FBI Series is my favorite series. As always when I pick up a Catherine Coulter book I have a hard time putting it down, and Split Second was no exception. I held my breath at many moments in this book while waiting to see what the next page held. There was a mystery within a mystery and the writer handles it so that we, the reader, are never confused as to which plot belongs to what. I don’t like to leak spoilers but I will say this, Dylan Savich and Lacey Sherwood live on to provide us more moments of suspense.

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