A Hot Time Comes To The Old Town This Summer!

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf -Column published in the Albert Lea Tribune, April 28, 2014 Our past, good or bad, shapes our future. This year my community will be celebrating our past as we go forward to the future. The United South Central School District will open a new school in the fall. The United [...]

Granny (Granny Skewers A Scoundrel) is Visiting the Boneyard.

I heard from Granny today from the Fuchsia, Minnesota fame. She is going to be answering questions from her readers on May 1 at Boneyard Coffee and Tea. https://www.facebook.com/events/657668800968470 She says she is excited but there seem to be a lot of questions about her past. Readers are asking questions about  her former high school romances. I asked [...]

What is Written on That Bathroom Door?

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf - published April 21, 2014 Albert Lea Tribune What happens when you take a country granny and put her in the middle of a big city? I don’t know about other grannies, but I know this granny had many laughs on a recent weekend visit to the Twin Cities. [...]