My Favorite Things -Jillicious Charms

I hope to make this a weekly experience where I post some of my favorite things. Jillicious Charms is listed under the tab of My Favorite Things on this blog and I hope to add it to my website. I happened to see an add for this jewelry on my Facebook Page and immediately fell in love with the design and fun of these creations.

Jillicious Charms has been in business since October 2011. The name is inspired by the artist’s daughters. She fell in love with polymer clay crafting and it became her passion allowing her to be a stay at home mom. You can read more about the business and this talented designer at her website

Because I am in love with coffee, this is what I ordered from her site and I hope to own more of her jewelry in the future.

jillicious hotchocjillicious

She has a catalog on her site and many different designs. jillicious This picture was taken from her website.

Catalog Link

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Facebook Page for Jillicious

Disclaimer: I receive nothing from this post except the joy of letting people know about the things I love.

Granny’s Favorite Things! Countdown To Christmas -Gordon Lynch and His Wall of Art!

I and my character Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt (Granny) fall in love with certain artists, companies, places and their products. On my website, Julie Seedorf, I will be adding a page featuring my Favorite Things. I know I am not Oprah and I am sorry I can’t afford to give away some of My Favorite Things. What I can do is share them with you so they can become your Favorite Things and you can enjoy them too. During the end of November and the month of December I will be sharing art, books, artists and other items I have on my list of Favorite things.  Join me in my journey. I will add to the pages on my Blog and website the favorite things I highlight here.
I am starting my journey of sharing with someone I met this summer in Osakis, Minnesota, his name is Gordon Lynch. I can’t resist antique stores and as I wander through them looking to find whatever my eye catches. On the day I snooped in Antiques Osakis what caught my eye was artwork by Gordon. Not only can he draw but uses old records to create stunning pictures of celebrities that complement his drawing. My impression of his is that he is a very humble man. He graciously granted me an interview. Make sure you stop at the slide show and look at a few pictures I took that impressed me.

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Who is Gordon Lynch?
Born Osakis, grew up on small farm near Eagle Bend. Went to Alex Tech for advertising art, worked in Jamestown, ND and Sleepy Eye, MN in advertising. Married Rosemary in 1983 and moved back to Osakis. Built our home while working for Fingerhut and when they closed I went back to college for my Bachelor of Fine Art in painting at St. Cloud State University. Also have degrees in microcomputer and general business. Ran a couple of businesses and wound up as a HR manager for about 12 years until I decided to semi-retire and pursue other interests. We have three grown children. Katie teaches spanish at Strive Academy in St. Cloud; Erin has a post-doctorate position at UC Davis in California; and Zachary is majoring in business at St. Cloud State University.
How did you end up in an Antique Store in Osakis?
Well, my wife started as a dealer there several years ago and after I came up with this technique I’m using I thought I’d display a few paintings there. As a lot of people showed interest in them and they sold I started painting more. That was about 3 seasons ago.
When did you start painting and drawing?
I started drawing early, as a child probably 4 or 5. In those days we didn’t have a lot of toys, but I could draw things like rockets or cars etc. and I drew all through school. In high school we had a visiting artist during my junior and senior year that helped me become interested in art in general and that’s when I first painted with oil paints.
What gave you your idea to create art out of old records?
I really don’t know exactly. But, at least for me, when I’m seriously interested in something it’s always in the back of my mind. That’s when the ideas come along – this one worked – most don’t.
What are the missteps you made along the way to hone your talent?
Too many to mention, I’ve tried a lot of things.
How do you decide your subjects?
I listen to a lot of music and normally paint musicians that I like. I have done a few commisions and will do more, but this is a hobby and a pastime for me so I don’t want to turn it into a job.
What other type of art do you create?
Nothing at the moment.
Where can we find your artwork?
I will be showing them at Antiques Osakis again next season, starting in May. I may possibly show some this winter at Bumbledee’s Antiques and Art in St. Cloud, MN.
Anything else you would like to add to this interview?
Thank you, I appreciate your interest in my artwork.
I would like to thank Gordon for granting me this interview. It was a blessing to meet someone with this gift.

I Asked! She Answered! What Happens When Too Much Is Too Much For An Author?

11209372_998425863514645_2357865428716480350_nI will admit it, I was frazzled trying to promote my books. Don’t get me wrong, I love promotion but there didn’t seem to be enough hours and my life was in pieces. I finally gave up and knew I needed help. I acknowledged I couldn’t do it all. I was not superwoman.

In case you didn’t know, I am the author of the Fuchsia Minnesota Cozy Mystery Series involving a fictional town in Minnesota, and an over-the-top Granny and her friends. I also write a weekly column which I also have turned into a book and…..I have a children series that also tugs on the hearts of adults because it reminds them of the feelings they might have left buried for many years. And…I must clean my house occasionally and visit my grandchildren and children. You notice my grandchildren are always mentioned before my children these days. That should tell you something.

For an author there is always another book or two or three being worked on. I found I was spinning out of control trying to keep up with letting people know I was out there and continuing on in my writing. I was burning out.

My publishing company, Cozy Cat Press, does help with some of the promotion, but as with most writers these days, the bulk of promotion is up to them.

With my Something About Nothing book and my children’s books, I tried to do it all myself at first. Big mistake. As I was reaching the bottom of the mountain and feeling myself sinking into the nearby sea I knew I had to do something different. That something different came in the way of Annie Sarac and her business The Editing Pen. She brought me up the mountain and back to the top so I could continue what I love doing best–writing.

I hired Annie to edit my Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00069]Something About Nothing book. I realized that I didn’t know everything I thought I did about writing. She polished up the manuscript and gave me some suggestions, of which I ignored and that was about the book cover. She said it didn’t tell people anything about the heart and soul of the book. Well friends, I learned a valuable lesson–always listen to my editor. I just changed the cover. I also used Annie to polish my Granny Snows A Sneak before I sent it to my publisher. She took care of the this, and the that’s, and the and’s I am so famous for.

I asked if she would be interested in doing some promotion work for me. I thought she would be the perfect person with her business to know where I needed to be in the media. Annie has not disappointed me. I cannot tell you the relief I felt having to be away from my computer a few days knowing the promotion was taken care of.

Why am I writing this? I want to thank Annie for the great job she is doing for me. And I want to promote her and her business. I have never met her personally but I feel as if I know her.  She has a great background of credentials and she is starting her business from scratch, working her way back into the media world. She believed in me and I believe in her.

I also want to make the point, as authors, we are occasionally expected to take care of everything ourselves when it comes to promoting us. I find it hard to brag about me (I know I may not give that impression). I also find it hard to asking for help because I want to be superwoman.

I also know what it is like to be new and starting out and trying to build a business. I would not have had my computer business that I retired from recently, or my writing career, if others would not have taken a chance on someone new. Bruce Lorenz did that for me with computers, Tim Engstrom and The Albert Lea Tribune did that for me with my column, and Cozy Cat Press did that for me with writing.  We become so ingrained in seniority and experience that we forget we were once inexperienced in our business and the only way we could move ahead was if someone believed in giving us a chance.

I asked, she answered and it is a good connection. If you are feeling frazzled and need help, give The Editing Pen a try. She tailor makes plans to what works for you.

No man is an island and neither is a woman. By reaching out for help you may find blessings coming into your life you didn’t know were possible. Thank you Annie of The Editing Pen.11048645_996381253719106_4106219762973711992_o

The Editing Pen Facebook Page