Why Are We Talking About John Travolta’s Hair?

John Travolta was in the news yesterday. He was in the news because he didn’t wear his toupee in Hawaii. I wanted to scream so what? Who cares? And yes, I read the article. In my defense I have to say I read the article because I couldn’t believe they were writing an article about a matter that should only be of concern to Mr. Travolta. Obviously he didn’t care so why should we?

I imagine it would be big news if Dr. Phil showed up in a brand new toupee. We would all flock to see and read the news story taking our attention off of things we  should be more concerned about such as the amount of homelessness growing on the streets of America. We should be more concerned about the number of troops dying every day. Those headlines seem to get pushed into the abyss so we don’t have to deal with them.

I always have a bad hair day. The only ones that have to deal with it are me and the people I work with everyday and they don’t care. They are more concerned about how I feel on the inside and not how I look on the outside.

So Mr. Travolta if you are reading this, how are you on the inside? Wait! Don’t answer that. There is a tiny, small, minute chance that it might make the news. However probably not. It is not as interesting as your hair.