Review: Broken Hearted Ghoul

Broken Hearted Ghoul
Broken Hearted Ghoul by Joyce Lavene
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of this book when I started reading the first few pages. But the first few pages intrigued me so much that I had to keep reading. I usually do not read paranormal mysteries. I have to say I loved this book and it’s characters. By the end of the book I kept saying to myself, why not? I became a fan. Maybe we have this secret world living with us and we don’t know it. Do I need to watch to see if there are any Ghouls? The writing drew me in, kept me reading, made me chuckle at times and made me think it is entirely possible to know people like the characters. I will read more. Love it.

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My Favorite Songs!

dream-quotes-pictures-7-3296f7b2This week I am counting down to a special day for me by sharing some of the songs from my teen years on my Facebook Page. Join us on my author page and share some of your favorite songs or share them right here. Songs bring back memories of good times, bad times, sad times and old friends. They are part of our past that shaped who we are today. Here is my Facebook Post for today. Like my page and put a song in your heart this week. Julie’s Author Page On Facebook.

It’s a beautiful day today. 7:12 a.m. and I’m into my day. Took a little walk around 6:00 a.m. The walk was peaceful and inspiring. Today I share another song that I liked from my teen years. I forgot about this song called Early In the Morning. Very fitting for it being early for me. Be sure and share your memory songs. Post them here. Countdown to my birthday this week with old memories. I want to hear from you.… Now to writing my column and Fuchsia #4

You Bought What?

I named this blog Sprinkled Notes  because my mind is sprinkled with ideas and it flits around here and there. You never know what you are going to get when I post on this blog.

The problem being a creative person is the fact  it is hard to stick to one thing for very long. I have discovered if I hit a block with my writing, it is time to take a few moments to do something else creative.

I like to try different things. Sometimes the things I create are successful and other times they are a bomb. Failure with something is fine with me, at least I tried.

I was not happy having limited counter space in my kitchen. Contrary to popular belief writers don’t always make a lot of money, and it is feast or famine, so new cupboards were out of the question. I happened to find a small, old metal, kitchen cabinet that was very rusted. I fell in love with it. It had the porcelain top that matches an old table I had  also worked a little magic on. I might add that the ones in my household that like this table is me and my cats.

The other person in my household was not impressed with my find, but bless his heart, he let me have fun with the cabinet and he moved the finished product into my kitchen. I don’t know if the way I recycled it was correct but here are the steps I used.

1. Cleaned it with TSP
2. Sanded the rust. (Make sure you wear a mask).
3.Scraped the paint off the top that was covering the porcelain. I used a green paint remover. Can’t remember the brand and I threw away the empty bottle.
4. Two coats of Rustoleum primer.
5. Two coats of Rustoleum Gloss Enamel.

Make sure you use a mask and let it dry in between coats. Disclaimer: I am not an expert, don’t know if I did it the right way so before doing this you might want to consult someone.

I had fun,  it is in my kitchen, and I love the breadbox inside of the cabinet. At one time were doors, but they were not with the cabinet but it didn’t matter to me.

Here are the before and after pictures









Top being cleaned




cleaned top