Writing is Exciting!

It gives me encouragement and joy when I take the time over lunch to open a book by someone who I know. Mr. Postman delivered to me Rachelle McCalla's book "Danger on Her Doorstep. I grabbed my sandwich, opened my juice and decided to take a sneak peek. Rachelle's other books held me captive. I couldn't [...]

Quest for American Made Shoes

Yesterday someone was wishing that there were shoes that were reasonably priced that were made in the United States. I decided to check out Americansworking.com. I was amazed. There are quite a few places that make shoes in the United States. I knew the Red Wing Shoe Company makes many of their boots in Red Wing, [...]

Buy American Made! Help the American Worker.

Recently a factory in my state decided to lay off employees. These are permanent layoffs. This company recently built a plant in Thailand and are outsourcing many of their jobs to that country. I felt sad and helpless. I know so many people who are out of work. Many of these people used to have good [...]