God’s Waiting Room!

Today I have been waiting. It seems I am always waiting for something. Every two weeks I wait for my paycheck. I wait for my children to call.I wait for the alarm clock to go off. I wait and wait and wait.

Today I was on pins and needles waiting for news of my friend’s test results. My friend has cancer. She has had cancer for almost 15 years and she has met the challenge of cancer with dignity, courage, cheerfulness and patience. I cannot imagine what she goes through each time she waits for test results.

I knew the time of the test. I waited for news. I prayed. I kept busy, but always my mind was straying to my phone checking to see if I missed the text. I waited and I waited and as I waited I thought of the phrase “No news is good news.” I didn’t think that was it in this case. Hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second my mind raced worrying and waiting. The longer  my phone was silent the more I expected bad news.

Does my friend feel the way Job felt when he was in God‘s waiting room? I turned to a Bible interpretation  that I like the best; The Message. I turned to Psalm 130 verses 5-6

I pray to God—my life a prayer— 
 and wait for what he’ll say and do. 
My life’s on the line before God, my Lord
 waiting and watching till morning, 
waiting and watching till morning.

Isn’t that all we can do when we are in the waiting room? Pray and wait for God.

The wait for test results is over. The news shows no change. There is still hope, there is still treatment and my friend will go on facing this disease with courage and grace.

Everyday we wait to see what God has planned for us today. How will we face that wait? I can’t pretend I am this big religious person that knows the answers or knows the Bible well. But I do know that when I place my life in God’s hands the waiting is easier.