Quest for American Made Shoes

Yesterday someone was wishing that there were shoes that were reasonably priced that were made in the United States. I decided to check out I was amazed. There are quite a few places that make shoes in the United States.

I knew the Red Wing Shoe Company makes many of their boots in Red Wing, Minnesota.  As a child I toured the plant with my parents as they owned a shoe store and bought their inventory from the Red Wing Shoe Company. Red Wing makes work boots and heritage boots.

My parents owned a shoe store for 30 years. Most of their inventory came from the United States. They owned their shoe store at a time when factories thrived in this country.

I took a little time to browse through the shoes listed on I found the shoes that were made in America to be ones that I would buy. Their prices ranged from middle of the road $39.00 to more expensive. Perhaps there are $10.00 made in America shoes out there somewhere.  Not all companies are listed so a Google search might bring you some more answers.

Although this blog is not necessarily about made in the Usa. I will provide links from time to time as I am made aware of them to help us in our search to make a committment to America.

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