Buy American Made! Help the American Worker.

Recently a factory in my state decided to lay off employees. These are permanent layoffs. This company recently built a plant in Thailand and are outsourcing many of their jobs to that country. I felt sad and helpless. I know so many people who are out of work. Many of these people used to have good paying jobs in factories in our country, but these jobs no longer exist because of companies moving these jobs overseas.

I am not an economist but I am a consumer. I am a consumer that hasn’t given much thought to where the products that I buy are made. I believe in Fair Trade and have bought many Fair Trade products. But with another plant closing I started investigating the items in my home.

My Crockpot is made in China. My curling iron is made in China. My telephone is made in China. My stainless steel scissors are made in China. My bathrobes are made in China. My purses are made in China.  My Tickle Me Elmo from Mattel is made in China. My humidifier was made in the USA.

Without a doubt it is hard to find some of these products being made anymore in the United States. I also have not taken the time to look at labels and investigate the option of buying American Made.

Recently I read a blog and it is challenging all of us to be an aware consumer and buy products made in America. You can read this blog at  I visited and found products that are made in America.

Let’s join together as Americans and make a commitment to our American workers. I have a lot of wacky dreams and maybe this is one of them. But I believe in the American people and I believe if we stick together and support our workers we can effect a change. Take the challenge. Challenge your friends and neighbors to do the same. And don’t give up. If it doesn’t work in a year, keep it going for two, three, four or however long it takes to be proud of Made in America. We’ll check back periodically to see how we are doing.

Aha! My Silk Soymilk is made in the United States!

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