Writing is Exciting!

It gives me encouragement and joy when I take the time over lunch to open a book by someone who I know.

Mr. Postman delivered to me Rachelle McCalla’s book “Danger on Her Doorstep. I grabbed my sandwich, opened my juice and decided to take a sneak peek. Rachelle’s other books held me captive. I couldn’t put them down.

I was just going to take a peak, read a page and put it away for another time. I couldn’t do it. I started reading and the time started slipping away.

Usually on my noon hour I choke down my lunch, pay some bills and rush back to work. This noon hour I got enthralled in  the life of Maggie Arnold. I will tell you no more. It would spoil your reading fun.

I almost forgot to head back to work. I wanted to keep reading. The book is outstanding and I am inspired that someone I know has such talent.

I started thinking about the reason I write. Am I writing for me? Am I writing to reach out to others? Am I writing for approval of my writing style? Probably all three. Most of all I write because I love to write. Writing is breathing. it doesn’t matter if I am good at it. All that matters is that I release the words deep inside of myself.

I used to keep a diary of my private thoughts but nothing seems private anymore since the advent of blogging. Do we show the world who we are when we write and it is splashed out there for all the world to see? My diary was private. I told my diary things I would tell no other living soul. Although I imagine if my diary exists and someone finds it when I depart this world someone will know. Will I want that diary to be a remembrance of me?

I suspect that the writers that write for the love of writing are saving their soul. I am. But does anyone really know who we are even if it seems we let it all hang out in our words on the pages that we present to the world? Are we who we portray ourselves to be? Or are we like the characters in a book, full of mystery but pretending to let the world know us? Do we know ourselves?

I made it to work and back home again. I am going to put the real world aside and nestle into Danger On Her Doorstep and stand in awe at the gem of creativity glowing inside an author that is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

What is lurking inside each one of us waiting to be released to the world? Would someone guess by looking at you what you are about or would  the life you are living on the outside hide the surprises that are on the inside? Keep surprising us!

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Everybody keeps telling me how surprised they are with what I’ve done. But I’m telling you honestly that it doesn’t surprise me. I knew I could do it.”

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