My Favorite Things -Jillicious Charms

I hope to make this a weekly experience where I post some of my favorite things. Jillicious Charms is listed under the tab of My Favorite Things on this blog and I hope to add it to my website. I happened to see an add for this jewelry on my Facebook Page and immediately fell in love with the design and fun of these creations.

Jillicious Charms has been in business since October 2011. The name is inspired by the artist’s daughters. She fell in love with polymer clay crafting and it became her passion allowing her to be a stay at home mom. You can read more about the business and this talented designer at her website

Because I am in love with coffee, this is what I ordered from her site and I hope to own more of her jewelry in the future.

jillicious hotchocjillicious

She has a catalog on her site and many different designs. jillicious This picture was taken from her website.

Catalog Link

Contact Jillicious

Facebook Page for Jillicious

Disclaimer: I receive nothing from this post except the joy of letting people know about the things I love.

Quirky Favorites!

I fall in love with things that are unique. I am not famous but I decided to pretend I am Oprah for one day and list some of my favorite things. Sorry there are no giveaways like Oprah since I am only a pretend Oprah for the day. Although I suppose we could pretend there were pretend giveaways.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

Tiny Houses

I love the tiny houses that they feature on There is something that hits the simple side of me about living in a small space. I certainly couldn’t collect all the things that I do now but my life certainly would be a lot simpler. These tiny little houses speak to my heart. Maybe someday I will be able to own one.

Lovely’s By Laura

I very seldom fall in love with jewelry except for weird unusual earrings. The cuter more unusual they are the better I like it. I was very surprised when I fell in love with the necklaces from Lovely’s By Laurel. These necklaces are unique and beautiful. The designer weaves her imagination into intricate designs. I can’t dismiss her earrings either. This jewelry could be worn by the rich and famous. I will pretend I am rich and famous when I wear and buy some of her creatively made jewelry.

Goat Milk Stuff

I do have Oprah to thank for this. I found Goat Milk Stuff through her magazine and her recommendation. I ordered my first soap a few months ago. I started with the Lavendar and Castile Bar. It was creamy on my skin. I had been suffering from dry skin and the lavender seemed to help. I used the Organic Castile on my face and loved it.  It might be my imagination but my 62-year-old skin seems better and the blackheads seem smaller. I recently added the laundry soap and the shampoo bar. I was not disappointed in them either. Plus it feels so luxurious to use these products because they smell so good. The other thing I like about this company is the easy availability to get in touch with them if you have any questions.


My life revolves around having a coffee cup in my hand. The aroma speaks to my senses.  There is nothing better than starting the day with a good cup of coffee. The aroma of coffee reminds me it is time to chill out and take a break. I have a couple of favorites. One of my favorites is Door County Coffee. They have many flavors available Maybe what I like about Door County Coffee is that I can close my eyes and visualize the beauty of Door County. It takes me away from the present for a little dreaming.

I also found a new coffee shop that I love. It is Prairie Winds Coffee. They do pour over coffee so they can create any taste. Their beans are also roasted in Minnesota. I can stop for a time out with flavorful coffee and delicious treats and carry that taste home to my own coffee maker.


I am not much of a drinker but I do like an occasional glass of wine and I find my favorite wines usually come from area vineyards. Since I don’t drink a great deal of wine I wouldn’t take my advice on which wine to try. I would check out local small vineyards. They are fun to visit. Locally I love the wine from Indian Island Winery. My favorite is Dream Catcher. It is a semi sweet red wine. Another winery I like is from White Oak Vineyards near Des Moines, Iowa. Again one of my favorites is their Celebration Wine which again is a semi sweet red wine. I haven’t checked out the other wineries near my home but hopefully that will happen in the future.

Beer Finding WebSite

I don’t drink beer. Many people do. If you live in the Twin Cities and want to find out where you can find your favorite specialty beer than you need to check out Plug in the beer you are looking for and it will tell you which establishment is serving it. It might seem strange that I recommend a site like this but I know the owner of this website. Plus I feel this was a clever idea.

These are some of my favorite things for today. They are items and places I like. You may feel differently. I receive no kickback from these sites, just the joy of using their products. Use everything at your own risk they may bring you too much enjoyment. I will list the websites in the links on the side. It was fun playing Oprah for a few minutes. Now I want to sing the song “Favorite Things” from the sound of music. I think I am getting too carried away. It’s time to chill out with that cup of coffee.