Fuchsia and Brilliant Audiobooks Are On Sale

Spread the word. I was finishing an interview for a magazine and I found out my audiobooks are on sale for $1.99. I have no idea how long this will last since I didn’t know about but take advantage. Here are the links. Granny Hooks A Crook: http://adbl.co/29BQnkt
Granny Skewers A Scoundrel: http://adbl.co/29BQhZQ
Granny Snows A Sneak: http://adbl.co/29AclFg
Granny Forks A Fugitive: http://adbl.co/29SgyXC
The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors: http://adbl.co/2a1YWd9

Gratitude Partners? Find one?

sidewalkthankfulsplatsGood Morning. Today I have thoughts of gratitude and peace in my mind and heart, by that I mean contentment. It is hard when we are always reaching for tomorrow and then worry sets in. I have a speaking engagement today and I always hope what I have to say can touch someones life in a positive way. I do have a little bit of advice for you today. Each night before I go to bed, I and Andrea and Heather, better known as the author Barbara Jean, exchange messages of five things we are grateful for each day. I am grateful that these two women take the time to share with me as every night before I go to bed I am reminded that i have something to be grateful for though I must admit during trying times it is occasionally hard to see the grateful between the tears. So today I would encourage you to find someone you can exchange five things or more that you are grateful for each day, whether it be in person or by text. It can be someone you have never met but are close to on Facebook. Gratitude does makes a difference and if you do it, let us know if it changes your life.


SPRINKLE LIFE1Good Morning, I am tired of all the negative things I have seen on Facebook the past few weeks so help me spread joy today. Let’s make Joy go viral. Spread the joy. Every day we can find joy in the midst of sorrows and in the smallest details of life if we look for it. Today look for joy and spread the word. I’ll be watching to see how many of you are with me in this. Joy can change the world.