Granny’s Back With A New Mystery!

Granny_Pins_A_Pilferer_jpeg (2)After many weeks of sweat and anxiety and….late nights I can finally announce the release of Granny Pins A Pilferer. This is the fifth book in the Fuchsia, Minnesota Series. Over the next week or so I will introduce you to the characters in Granny Pins A Pilferer.  But for now, here is  the back cover description:

Granny is at it again! When Granny accompanies her friend Mavis to the Next To The Last Resting Place nursing home to visit Mavis’ sister, Beulah, both women are shocked to find the new resident dead. Granny, being the amateur detective she is, suspects foul play, and soon she and her entire family concoct a plan to investigate possible shady doings at the nursing home. Granny will enter the home incognito and attempt to determine how Beulah met her suspicious demise. All this happens while Granny’s new husband Silas is entangled in his own dangerous mess. Someone has just blown up his house and Silas (a former detective) is out to discover the culprit, even as he worries about Granny’s safety in the home. As more nursing home residents fall victim to a strange and sudden “memory loss virus,” Granny engages the aid of her friends to get to the bottom of what turns out to be a very complex and complicated plot.
And this is what the early readers had to say about my book:

“Granny in the wrinkle farm? Unthinkable! Going undercover to catch a killer? Now, there’s the Granny we know and love. Hold onto your cane because this adventure is full of twists and turns before it rolls to a very satisfying conclusion. Can’t wait to see what Granny will do next!”

Linda Crowder

The Jake and Emma Mysteries

“A fun romp through the looking glass to fantastic Fuchsia, MN, where Granny proves, once again, there’s no rest for the wrinkled.”

J. B. Hawker

Award winning author of the Bunny Elder and First Ladies Club series–including the recently released A Corpse In The Chapel

“A madcap roller coaster ride full of twists and turns and laugh-out-loud fun. All the characters you’ve come to love return plus a few new friends and critters. It’s the best Granny yet!”

Timya Owen

President, Twin Cities Sisters In Crime

This verbally witty comedic mystery is another hit for Julie Seedorf.

Diane Weiner, author of the Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries

This was a hard book for me to write. Granny has a reputation and I wanted to stay true to her character yet address a very serious subject also, the subject of Alzheimer’s. I dedicated this book to some of my family. There has been a little controversy involving Granny’s forgetfulness in my earlier books with the criticism that if I ever had anyone with Alzheimer’s then I would not make light of forgetfulness. But I do that because unless we can find the humor in small things we would cry with grief. So I dedicated this book to my mother-in-law, Dorothy Seedorf, sister-in-law Audrey Giese and brother-in-law Evan Seedorf. We loved them all very much. This book in a small way addresses the disease. And for those of you coping with a loved ones illness, it is not easy. Look for the small moments of joy.


Mymother-in-law, Dorothy and Sister-in-law, Audrey


My brother-in-law, Evan and our nephew Troy .

New Series? Take A Chance on Jezabelle.

CoverI was nervous while writing the first book in my new Brilliant Minnesota series, The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. After finishing the mystery and falling in love with my new characters I felt it was perhaps the best book of both series. The plot had twists and turns which I hoped kept readers interested.

I introduced a main character, Jezabelle Jingle, who has ties to Fuchsia Minnesota. Her niece Delight Delure runs the Pink Percolator in Fuchsia. Jezabelle is younger that Granny in my Fuchsia Series. She is somewhere in her sixties and has a snappy style with not only her life, but also her quick wit. While a little calmer then Granny she gets herself into as much trouble when she and her neighbors find puzzles and mystery where they live in the Penderghast neighborhood.

Jezabelle doesn’t snoop on her neighbors, but she keeps her eye on them, as well she should, as they are a strange lot of many ages.

There is Mr. Warbler who feeds the birds and makes strange sojourns at night into neighboring yards.

We have Rock Stone who comes home at exactly 10:00 p.m., revs the engine of his car, has a smoke and disappears inside his house. And…he never puts his car in his garage.

Miranda Covington never comes out during the day, but Jezabelle has seen her sprint down the street in the middle of the night. Of course there is a mysterious reason Jezabelle is up at 2:00 a.m. too.

And then there is Phoebe Harkins, who insists she is rich and beautiful. The neighbors are never sure exactly what is going to come out of Phoebe’s mouth.

Jezabelle leads her gang and her best friend Lizzy, through twists and turns as you’ve never seen, sputtering direction and giving somewhat addled advice.

However even though I think this is the best book I have written, and my reviews have been excellent sales have been slow. I had a reader I didn’t know, find my phone number and tell me how much she loved the book and wanted to know when the next one would be out. She stayed up all night reading it.

When I ask why the hesitation for the Brilliant series the answer always is: We want Granny. So I am here to tell you that you will love Jezabelle and her crew in the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors as much as Granny. As the series progresses you will follow the quest to find all the puzzles the founders of Brilliant left for their ancestors. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And Granny is still living and alive in the next series book coming out soon, Granny Pins A Pilferer.

Because my next Fuchsia Minnesota book is due out soon I am making The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors e-book for sale on Amazon $.99 for the next week,August 3 – 10. Take a chance to get to know Jezabelle and don’t forget she is also on Audiobook. Spread the word. Jingle with Jezabelle and the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors.

Fuchsia and Granny (Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt Trivia

In honor of Granny Pins A Pilferer being released soon I am having a Granny and Fuchsia Minnesota Trivia contest on my facebook page Come on over and join in.

Wednesday Trivia is about Granny Skewers A Scoundrel. I will post all three questions right here. You have until tomorrow morning to answer correctly when another winner or two will be chosen depending on how many respond. Spread the word. The more entries, the more winners.
What was the name of the Spa Granny’s family sent her to for a day of pampering?
What color shirt did Franklin have on when LIttle White Poodle jumped in his lap?
What were the names of Franklin’s pets that became Granny’s Tank and Furball?
Who is Esmeralda?
Good luck.