A Yearning For My Front Steps

This morning I have an inexplicable yearning to go outside and sit on my front steps and breathe in life.

It is the appearance of the sun in what has been a cold and bleak and cloudy Minnesota which brings to mind spring and thoughts of flowers and warm weather. However, I can’t explain my feeling that I need a front step sit. I have a perfectly good outside porch to enjoy but something in me tells me I need steps.

Though the sun is shining today my front steps and porch are crusted with ice. It is still winter and there is still snow on the ground. I like the beauty of winter as long as I don’t have to haul my old body outside. The pull is real to feel the fresh air on my face so I may dash out, raise my face to the sun and dash back inside to the warmth of my fireplace. Still, I feel the call of the front steps or the back steps for a peaceful sit.

Outdoor furniture awaits my porch sitting so why would I abandon that in place of the front steps? I think it has to do with my past and memories.

Living at my grandmothers and then when my family moved, we didn’t have fancy outdoor furniture. We would go outside and sit on the steps and talk and enjoy the evening. The front steps were better than the back steps because you could chat with those passing by or you could wave at the cars going by. Occasionally they would stop and talk.

There were interesting views. At my grandmother’s house I sat on the front steps and watched the trains go by or watched the animals. My mom or uncles would come in from the chores or the garden and we would talk for hours on the front steps. At our house my dad would sit with me as we watched the neighbor kids play or visited with those in the neighborhood, sometimes calling across the street. There were no cell phones or outdoor phones to distract us.

I do sit on my front concrete steps occasionally in this day and age for a quick moment when I am shaking out a rug or waiting for someone to pick me up, but most of the time I sit on my comfy chair on my outdoor porch or my patio. I have to say that for some reason it isn’t the same. Perhaps because of the front step memories.

I have no good explanation for yearning for my front steps unless it is perhaps missing those that used to share my experience. I also shared many front step conversations with my best girlfriends. If those steps could talk they would reveal so much about the past lives of the step sitters.

Perhaps when the ice is gone I will forgo my porch and patio for an occasional step sitting. I have a feeling it will be a good way to breathe and appreciate the simple life of the past,

“A journey to a thousand miles begins with one step.” –John F.Kennedy

Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig? and Snicklefritz?

final coverkindlehalfcoverI get so busy promoting my Fuchsia Minnesota and Brilliant Minnesota Series books that I have neglected my children’s series that I self-published. There is a little bit of a story behind these books. Whatchamacallit Thingamajig was actually the first book I wrote with my grandchildren when they were younger. I wanted to leave them something to remember me by, and what better than a mystery involving them and giving them a little glimpse into Grandma’s life when she was young.

Although I call it a children’s book it also is a great short book for adults to remember their youth, and promote showing their grandchildren who they were before the wrinkles.

As an adult and a grandmother we strive to be good role models for our grandchildren. We are not perfect and we had a life before children and grandchildren. We had fun, we made mistakes, and they all shaped us into who we are today. Much of the time we only share that which we feel will make us look good in our grandchildren’s eyes. We don’t share the fact that we almost burned down the barn because we were playing with matches in the hayloft. I had simple activities in my youth that children in this era don’t have. I also wanted to share that with my grandchildren.

I wanted to remind our adult self to keep the child inside of  us and let it out once in  awhile so life doesn’t get too heavy for us. Are these my best written books, absolutely not. They were my first, but they are meaningful to me because the kids played out the mystery acting out the pictures giving me feedback and ideas throughout the way.

Read them if you like, give them as a gift or don’t. I wanted you to know they are out there, they were written with heart and I am proud of them and my grandchildren. They are available in both Kindle and paperback.  And starting on September 2, they are both .99 as a Kindle download.

Maggie interviewr




My Heart is With My Granddaughter!

I love my grandchildren. This year I decided on each of their birthdays I will post a special blog about them. I know they don’t like to be in the spotlight but I want them to know how special they are to me.

Today is my Granddaughter’s  13th Birthday. I remember her tiny beginnings. She was our first grandchild and I jumped up and down with screams when I knew I was going to be a Grandmother and then panic set in. What did I know about being a Grandmother?

I remember when we got the call  she was here. I was overwhelmed by joy and love for a tiny being I hadn’t yet met.  A few days after her birth we were able to travel and meet her. She was the cutest, sweetest little angel I had ever seen. The first few days were a little challenging. There was a problem with milk and so she was a little temperamental and was awake and crying, making her displeasure known. Four of us grandparents camped in a tiny house along with her parents and took turns, holding her, singing to her, rocking her and loving her. She could do no wrong in our eyes. And there was another blessing during the time and it was the blessing of four grandparents forming a friendship that continues today. It seems like yesterday.

As she grew we rejoiced over every little accomplishment she made, her first words, her first steps and the first time she could say Grandma and Grandpa. Her twinkling eyes and cheerful spirits always make our days brighter.

I wish children could remember their early years and all the love they received from the special people in their lives and the special moments that were shared. They will only live on by the stories we tell, planting in their hearts memories that last forever.

My granddaughter is lucky because she has two very special parents who raised her and nurtured her into the beautiful young lady she has become. I am so proud of them and of her. She used to wake up in the morning and always remark, “It’s going to be a beautiful day.” My wish for her is that she can do that every day of her life no matter how old she becomes.

So Happy Birthday Ms Teenager. I wish you the joys of growth, the strength to get through the hills and valleys that accompany the teenage years and the wisdom to know the choices you are making for yourself are right for you. But most of all I want you to know you are so loved and you always will be.

Grandma Julie