A Smile That Makes Your Heart Melt!

The first thing you notice when meeting Alan Yokiel is his wide smile and his infectious laugh. Considering all he has been through in his life, his attitude reflects a life of happiness and contentment. Much of that attitude can be attributed to his mother, Sally Yokiel, who has traveled the road with Alan and his disability. [...]

He’s A Renaissance Man!

Larry Hodgson announced to his mother at the age of seven that he was going to be a glass blower when he grew up. Hodgson and his mother had visited Gatorland in Florida where they lived. He had watched a glass blower and had asked him, what Hodgson describes as hundreds of questions in the twenty [...]

What You Don’t See During a Television Sports Broadcast.

We live in an ever expanding world because of technology. Occasionally it is good for all generations to reach out of our rural area and look beyond what is offered in small communities for jobs and to make connections with people whose experiences are much different than ours in the rural community. Doing this occasionally offers us [...]