A Sand Beach In A Sunday School Room

A Sand Beach In A Sunday School Room

Chapter Five: A Sand Beach In A Sunday School Room I remember when the young Pastor asked me to teach Sunday School. A former Catholic teaching religion to first graders when I was still learning to be Lutheran? I didn't think that was a good fit. But because I wasn't into saying no in those [...]

Church? Sports? Priorities Have Changed.

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf published in the Albert Lea Tribune week of September 28, 2015 Times have changed since I was young. Religion has taken a backseat to other worldly things in our priorities. After attending church one Wednesday evening I pondered all the changes that have taken place in the way people [...]

What Would Happen if God Became Our Business?

When I wrote this column I was skeptical about publishing it. I like to be fluffy because in our world today there are so many serious and sad things. For some reason this was on my heart to write. My editor pointed me to this song on youtube by Delbert McClinton. I hadn't heard it [...]