Giving Children The Gift of The Christmas Season

Recently I did a story on a sub Santa Program in my home town. Sub Santa provides gifts for those children that otherwise would not have a Christmas this year because of their family circumstances. I think Leo Buscaglia says it best when it comes to what we can do to help someone else. Too [...]

Interesting Face and Interesting Places

My journey this week has taken me to the interviewing platform with one of the papers that I write for, The Courier Sentinel. Each week after my interviews and after they appear in the paper,with the parties permission, I will give some highlights on this blog. Isn't that what this n that is all [...]

Help Me Write My Thanksgiving Column for Something About Nothing

Column: Something About Nothing, by Julie Seedorf Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I miss summer. Yes, those lazy, hazy days of summer are gone and, instead, we are rolling out the not lazy, hazy, crazy days of holidays. We’ll sing of mistletoe and cheer. We will be making our list and [...]