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Today I have Lisa A. Kelley and her Cozy Times Chronicle. We will find out a little about life as a book reviewer. Lisa is on my blog and I am on hers with Fuchsia’s Cozy Times Chronicle. Make sure you read both of ours to find out the lengths we go to  read books.


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feetThe Glamorous Life of a Cozy Mystery Reviewer/Blogger

I get out of bed at the crack of 7:00, sometime 8:00, okay . . . sometimes’s 9:00 AM. I go through my morning grooming routine, which takes a solid five minutes, unless I’m in a  hurry. I change into my work clothes, a fresh nightgown and my not always so fresh slippers a.k.a my scuff scuffs. It’s on to the kitchen to prepare a healthy breakfast of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies and my drink of choice for the day. Today it is Hawaiian Punch.

Armed with my nourishing meal, I head to my office, also known as my living room recliner. I  power up my laptop, and check my schedule. I am now in my blogger/reviewer/social media networking zone. My job (volunteer work really) . . . I read, blog, review, blog, Facebook, blog, Tweet, blog, and repeat.  Seven days a week, with the exception of holidays and sick days, I am plugged in.

Of course I do get out of the house. Sometimes I work in my mobile office, as I was doing when writing this article. My mobile office, a 2004 Chevy Malibu named “The Reverend”, is spacious, and offers a wonderful view of wherever I may be parked at the time, waiting for a sibling while they are at an appointment.

And there you have my glamorous reviewer/blogger life.

You know what? I love every single second of it!

Brick and Mortar Forever!

band-nThere is nothing like a real life, walk in the front door, pay at the register bookstore. I adore them! I could spend every day in one. The only thing holding me back is, my town, Dover, DE, capitol of the first state doesn’t have any bookstores. They’ve all closed down. And they were very small, without big selections. Over half of the stock of one of them was used books. (I’ll spare you my germ phobia.)

My sister(s) and I will day trips to our favorite Barnes & Noble, which is a hour and a half away from us, in another state. We do have one a bit closer in state, but it’s part of a huge mall, and the parking is a nightmare! (I digress). When I walk into “my” Barnes & Noble, I feel my worries and stress just fall away. My sister(s) and I stake out our favorite table at the café, and prepare to spend a day in paradise. It’s nothing for us to get there when the doors open, and stay until 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon. (One day I’m expecting them to start charging us rent.) Settled at my table, a stack of books and magazines surrounding me, and a cold root beer sitting before me, I am whole. I am at peace. I am home. 

I enjoy surfing though Amazon, and Barnes & Noble online, but nothing can compare to the feeling, the smell, the sight of a real bookstore. Forever may they stand!


Pets in Cozy Mysteries

emmyI love the wonderful pets that are featured in cozy mysteries. The adorable cats and dogs (mostly) have such big personalities. Some even have sleuthing talents just like their owners.

While a lot of cozy pets are completely fictional, many are based on real life pets of the authors. Some are even based on, and named after reader’s pets!

I would love to have my Emma Belle a.k.a. Emmy show up in a cozy. However, there are a couple of issues. While Emmy is a little ole love bug, all she does is sleep. And when she’s awake, well, she has the most disinterested, bored look on her face. Think Garfield the cat’s expression on a dog’s face, and there you have my girl. Every scene with Emmy in a book would read something like, Emmy was asleep as usual or Emma looked at me  in that bored way.

No, my fur baby just doesn’t seem to be cozy mystery material. That being said, I couldn’t love her more if I tried.

You can find Lisa at:




LK & MB Cozy Mystery Review Group

And in honor of guesting on Lisa’s Blog, Today January 25, all my books on Kindle are .99. One day only. To find them click this link. Julie Seedorf, Amazon Author Page

Thank you Lisa for being here.


It’s A Wrap!

Courtesy of Flickr

Courtesy of Flickr

My blog tour for The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors ended a week ago. It was a positive experience. The hosts of the tour were wonderful as was Lori from Great Escapes Book Tours that arranged the tour. Fifteen stops –reviews – interviews – blog posts – wonderful hosts – outstanding readers = fun for me. This is what the reviews said about The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors:


The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors is a brilliant new mystery!
~Back Porchervations 

This first in a brand new series will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end.

~Shelley’s Book Case 

The plot is very intriguing, original, very well woven and developed, the pace is very fast, there are several twists: it’s really hard to put this book down once you start it.

Julie Seedorf writes fun/funny, entertaining mysteries sure to put a smile on your face and even make you laugh out loud. This story is truly unique and I recommend it highly…
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book 

I liked that there were a couple of different mysteries in this story. While trying to figure out whodunit, you’re also trying to figure out the meaning of the puzzle itself.
~Brooke Blogs 

The lead character, Jezabelle Jingle, is definitely one of my favorites. She’s a hilarious woman, and has the sort of personality I hope to exhibit at her age.
~Book Babble 

This book was witty and wacky and reminded me a little bit of the 3 Stooges…more in the antics of all the characters and how they managed to stay out of too much trouble.
~Storeybook Reviews 


I would like to thank the following blogs for having me on their site. It was a pleasure and I hope you all visit these blogs and follow them. You will find some great reads. And don’t forget to get a copy or e-book of The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. You can also find the entire tour archived on Escape With Dollycas.

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Reading Between The Lines, Will It Change Your Reviews?

This past weekend I was frazzled. I have a problem relaxing and doing nothing because there is always something to do. This past weekend I forced myself to look beyond my messy house and all the social media promotion with my books to stay home in my comfy chair and read always having a cup of coffee by my side. What could be better relaxation than that?

Recently while chatting with a friend who is an award winning author, we commiserated on the fact we seldom read for fun anymore because we read books by other authors whom we know and support and need to give reviews or blurbs for books. This weekend I chose to read books by authors I don’t know and for pleasure. They so touched my heart I felt I needed to expand on that, especially one book and one author.

The first book I read was by Claire Cook called Seven Year Switch. 51SHxrcNFrL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_You might recognize her from her book made into a movie called Must Love Dogs. Seven Year Switch focuses on a single mom whose husband left her and her daughter seven years ago and now he is back. I haven’t had that experience in my life but in reading the book I could resonate with her feelings of responsibility and wanting to believe people we love maybe can change. The decisions she made for her life made me ponder the decisions I have or may be making in my life. It was well written and touched my heart.

The second book I read was51956uX0r8L__SX321_BO1,204,203,200_ Hearts On A String by Kris Radish. I have mentioned before that one of my favorite books of all time is Annie Freeman’s Fabulous 51fMB3B6pNL__SX313_BO1,204,203,200_Traveling Funeral. Kris Radish has a knack for putting together strangers and melding their lives over a journey of some sort.  In  Annie Freeman’s Traveling Funeral the ashes of a friend are scattered in her favorite places on earth. This resonated with me because I like quirky things and I have always pondered the end and wondered what I wanted my family to do after I was gone. I have always said I don’t think normal and I feel as if I am a fish out of water having to conform to the way others live their lives because I haven’t found anyone to share the quirkiness with me. This book hit my quirkiness right smack in the face. I have always felt if I knew this author in person we would be good friends.

I downloaded Hearts On A String this weekend and found I couldn’t put it down. I am glad I didn’t read the reviews for this book before I started as I might not have bought it. Isn’t that human nature we look at the bad reviews but not the good and that is also what we hear in our own internal chat with ourselves. But you see, those people that read this book and gave it a bad review didn’t get it. Hearts On A String is about a group of women of all ages meeting my chance in an airport bathroom. Their antics were funny and quirky, which is why I kept reading. It led them through a string of unusual circumstances and through it all they were able to get past their mistrust and share their story with strangers. Haven’t you found it is almost easier to share with strangers because we might never see them again and we don’t have to worry whether they accept us or not? I wanted to meet women like these women.

This book hit what I have been feeling in my life. I have felt like the outsider. I have felt like I had to conform. I have felt like I was going through the motions because no one got who I was or perhaps because I was afraid to uncover what I felt wasn’t accepted. I have felt the weight of not letting go of the responsibility.

We all look for people who have the same likes and interests in our lives because it feels safe. We don’t seek out those who are complete opposites or might shake something up in our lives. I think that is why I liked this book. It brought together five woman who were totally opposite and would never have given each other a chance. Through the rough patches and the ups and downs of the book and the story, they each learned something about themselves, their lives and each other because they took a chance, even if it was unwillingly. This book has heart.

Some of the reviews that were not kind, which I read after I read the book, felt it wasn’t realistic. Obviously some readers just look at plot but don’t take the time to examine the characters. And a book doesn’t need to be realistic to have a lesson.

Reviews and reviewers are interesting because when we read the reviews we forget it is a personal opinion of someone who  might have very different personalities and likes from us. I find movies that are only three stars are the ones I like the best and even some movies which have tanked are my favorites. I am not a big fan of Oprah’s book club choices or many of the New York Times best selling books, yet I am a fan of many Indie Authors and Authors whose names you probably never heard of. The only difference the never heard of authors haven’t been discovered yet. And is a matter of personal taste.

Readers tend to read the books that are shouted about the most when they should be reading the books that receive no press or by small publishing companies that have limited budgets. Book Clubs tend to read the popular shouted about books when they too should be reading the books from authors who haven’t got the backing of the big publishing companies because readers are missing out on some great reads and some great wisdom.

My advice, read reviews with thought but make your own choice. Look for an author whose book you haven’t heard of in the genre you love. And…take a chance outside of that genre too. Reach out and expand your love of reading. And….in your life of friends….expand your choices, you may find those that are opposite of you will bring a flavor to your life that you love.