The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors and Julie Seedorf on Tour

Blog Tour 2016Starting Monday May 23 I am going on a Blog Tour with the Great Escapes Tour Company and Escape With Dollycas. Thank you Lori Caswell for arranging it for me. If you are an author and are looking for someone to arrange a blog tour than I highly recommend Great Escapes. If you are a reader and you want to find new books by wonderful authors follow the Dollycas site and see who she is promoting and who is visiting. Meanwhile join me each day on my blog tour. I have some guest posts and some interviews and reviews of my new book The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. There are even a few giveaways. Here is the list and keep stopping in to find out where I am. Thank you ahead of time to all those that took the time to host me. I appreciate you.

May 23 – Back Porchervations – REVIEW

May 23 – T’s StuffSPOTLIGHT

May 24 – The Girl with Book Lungs – SPOTLIGHT

May 25 – Lori’s Reading Corner – GUEST POST

May 26 – Island Confidential – INTERVIEW

May 27 – Omnimystery News – INTERVIEW – 

May 28 – A Holland Reads – GUEST POST

May 29 – Shelley’s Book Case – REVIEW, GUEST POST

May 30 – 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & , Sissy, Too! – SPOTLIGHT

May 31 – LibriAmoriMieiREVIEW

June 1 – Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – COZY WEDNESDAY – GUEST POST

June 2 – Brooke Blogs – REVIEW, GUEST POST

June 3 – Author Annette Drake’s blog – INTERVIEW

June 4 – Book Babble – REVIEW


Organized Chaos with Lori Caswell, Host of Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours

I would like to welcome Lori Caswell, Host of Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours to my blog. I met Lori when she hosted Granny on her tour of the Blog World. I remember the first time I heard of guesting on a blog. I was amazed that someone actually arranged a tour for me. And Lori couldn’t have been a better tour guide. I thought my readers might like to know all that happens in putting together a book tour. Thank you Lori for being here.

Dollycas 2I am so honored Julie asked me to guest post on her blog.

She asked me to tell you about the organized chaos that has become my life since I started Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

I thought I would start with a little background for those of you that may not already know me. I have done a lot of jobs over my lifetime, accounts payable clerk, office manager, and home builder, just to name a few. In 2001, I was in a motor vehicle accident where my spinal cord was pinched leaving my right side 98% paralyzed. Unable to drive and unable to work a typical job for 8 straight hours I was stuck at home, usually by myself. I did help at my church with the bookkeeping but my job was eliminated in 2009. Upset and depressed an online friend talked me into starting a blog and as they say “the rest was history”.

In the summer of 2013 another blogger contacted me and told me she had to quit blogging for medical reasons. She wanted to know if I would want to take over her Virtual Book Tour business. I quickly agreed. Since then my life has changed in so many ways.

There are two things I have found to be essential for me to stay organized not only for the book tours but my blog too.

  1. A Calendar
  • I use Google’s Calendar but I also export the data into my Microsoft Outlook Calendar each week so if I lose access to one I have a backup. It’s happened so better safe than sorry. My calendar shows my reading/blog schedule and all the tours.
  1. Microsoft Spreadsheets
  • I have a Master Spreadsheet that lists all the tours and has columns laid out to track my progress.
  • Each Tour also has its own spreadsheet with a list of bloggers participating, date they will post, what they are posting. I also use this to track guest posts, interviews and giveaways.
  • For my blog I have a Spreadsheet with my Book List. It tells me the title, author, when I received it, where I received it from, date the book will be released and where it fits in the series if applicable. It also has a column for the date I post my review.
  • I have a Reading Diary on a spreadsheet. This is broken down by months and lists title, author, my rating, where the book is set and any challenges it qualifies for.
  • The last spreadsheet keeps track of my giveaways and winners.

great escape button160Great Escapes hosts 15 – 20 or more tours a month with anywhere from 7 – 30 stops.

Every morning I start out by promoting all the stops for the current tours on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and tsu. When I do this I update the tour pages with direct links to the posts.

Then I tackle my email. This is the biggest task of the day. I try to scroll through and take care of the most urgent matters first and then handle the rest. This leads right into emailing any tour guests posts and interviews to the bloggers or sending interviews to the authors. Some days there are so many I really need to prioritize.

Next I handle other tasks including creating emails to announce new tours and booking blogs for new tours. Checking on my Challenge groups on Facebook. Add any new books that have arrived to my Book List and be sure they are on my calendar.

Then after all the above is completed I start to work on posts for my Escape With new escape button160Dollycas Into A Good Book blog. I try to work 2 – 4 days ahead to give myself a little breathing room. The posts can be memes, guest posts, reviews, spotlights, giveaways or a combination. Posts including a review take the longest because I try to get them just right and include all the facts I can without any spoilers.

When that is complete, I send out final tweets of the day for all the tours that are running or starting soon. I do a final check of my emails and check on personal and family things on Facebook.

That usually brings me to supper time at our house. Time to push away from the computer for some family time. This usually includes a bit of mother/daughter television watching. Of course we both find ourselves reading during the commercials. This usually ends about 10 p.m. Then it is time to get serious about reading. I try to read 3 – 4 books a week and my reading speed has slowed a bit this past year. Most nights the lights go off between 2 and 3 in the morning or when I finish the current book or find a good stopping place.

Weekends are just a little different. Fewer emails and no tours are announced. This leaves me time to make tour pages and set up Rafflecopter giveaways. I also update my reading challenges and my Reading Diary and do any needed blog maintenance and review cross posting. It also allows me to spend time with my family, especially my three grandchildren.

My days are very full and I like it that way.  The side effects of my injuries help to remind me to take breaks during the day. My paralysis causes my bad leg and foot to swell if I sit here at the desk too long so I do have to take time to elevate it when I can or get creative in ways to elevate while sitting at my desk. Typing with just one hand also takes its toll, when typos start to crop up like weeds, I know it is time to get away from the desk even just for a few minutes.

I love what I do, reading, blogging, sharing my thoughts and promoting books. I have always been a bookworm, but I never imagined what a huge impact it would have on my life.

Short Bio

Lori Caswell is married to Jeff.  Mom to Kristopher, Katherine, Elizabeth and Jaymeson. Nana to Kaden, Natalie and Remington. They have two Border Collie/Blue Heeler mixes who are sisters, Oreo and Nera Belle. Lori has been blogging since 2009 and her reviews can be found on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, Midwest Book Review and Powell’s Books.


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Take time to visit Lori’s site and learn about all the wonderful authors she hosts. Reading her posts makes me tired but she has the skill, expertise and heart for her blog. As an author I know I can represent those she has helped when I say, Lori, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.

Granny Is Back From Her Tour With Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour!

granny_hooks_a_crook_4You can’t keep a good Granny down but Granny sure is tired after flitting around from blog to blog promoting the book Granny Hooks a Crook.

“It was an interesting experience,” Granny said thoughtfully. I felt like Sally Field when she won the Oscar for Norma Rae. She shouted “They liked me, they really liked me.” I felt like shouting that too because everyone was so gracious.”

“Of course, I didn’t write the blog posts where my author, Julie Seedorf, was the guest blogger but I guess she did ok. She didn’t quite have my pizzazz or my Fuchsianess. There were times she was serious!!! Of course, I am serious too but I don’t let anyone see it. If I am on the verge of tears from sadness or happiness I usually get all crotchety and slam my umbrella down although I didn’t feel like doing that on this blog tour.”

Granny’s tour was arranged by Lori Caswell from Great Escapes Book Tours. “Lori did a great job,” Granny stated, “She didn’t even panic when my author didn’t get the guest post in on time. I don’t know what was wrong with Julie that day. She told me she was writing my second book and was so deep in thought that she forgot. It couldn’t be that because she hangs with me, Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestat, that my forgetfulness is rubbing off on her, could it be?”

Granny and Granny Hooks A Crook was hosted by:

 Kelly P’s Blog –  Community BookstopMelina’s Book BlogCozy Up With Kathy Christa Reads and WritesMochas, Mysteries and More fundinmentalMusings and Ramblings – Guest Post readalot blogEscape With Dollycas Into A Good BookBrooke Blogs .

“My author didn’t know what to expect. She should be used to that because she never knows what to expect from me. My motto is: Don’t expect me to do what you think I should do because I’ve already done it and I want to try something new. Yes, I know, I like to rhyme.”

” I kind of like this touring thing but my author says she needs to take time to write now. She tells me her second book in the Fuchsia, Minnesota series is half done. She and I are wrestling with the name for the next book. I am at my prime and I have a new weapon, but it’s a secret until the next book is out. Did I tell you, I have another Granny to compete with? It is the Granny from “Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig? that is about my author and her grandkids. It is a book for young readers and hits the hearts of adults too. Apparently this Granny gets in lots of trouble too, the only difference is that I save myself, this other Granny has to have her Grandkids save her. What a wimp. Anyway to make a long story short, which is hard for me, Author Julie tells me that she is writing that second book to Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig? What’s up with that. I might have to tap her with my umbrella or my new weapon so she makes me, Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestat her main priority.”

Granny has had her say. She is back from her tour. She is up to saving Fuchsia, Minnesota again, and she is back to driving her kids and Franklin Jester Gatsby a little crazy. Granny will let you know when she is touring again.

“Wait a minute, I’m not done. This is what the bloggers said about me. If I don’t tell you, no one else will.”


 loved this book, the humor, adventure and mystery. ~Community Bookstop

..a really lite and whimsical story, I absolutely loved it. ~Melina’s Book Blog

Julie Seedorf has a great imagination. If you like cute and fun reads, you’ll like Granny Hooks a Crook. ~Christa Reads and Writes

Lots of Drama, action, laughter. ~readalot

Granny is funny, sassy and mischievous. If you like funny cozy mysteries, especially those with older sleuths, this is a story you should check out. ~Brooke Blogs