It’s All In The Service, Customer Service That Is.

Bigger Big MacI must admit I get a little crabby from time to time if I have bad service. I tend to rant and rave and I have been known to complain to the manager. Because I blog about bad service I want to take a few minutes to blog about great service.

My stomach was rumbling as I driving through  Blue Earth, Minnesota. I could hear my rumbling stomach saying to me, “Big Mac, Big Mac.” I drove into the McDonald’s by the freeway. I changed my mind about taking a quick drive through the drive though and decided to take a few moments to de-stress while eating my Big Mac. As I walked into the restaurant there was a line. I immediately thought the wait might be long but it was only a few minutes.

The woman at the counter greeted me with a smile and a friendly attitude. She was very helpful. I noticed that other people behind the counter were smiling too and taking time to smile at their customers. Usually at a fast food restaurant when they are busy, the people behind the counter usually are quick, to the point, not making much eye contact being only interested in their task. When that happens it makes a customer feel as if they are on an assembly line. Not so this day at the Blue Earth McDonald’s.

After I got my food I looked around for a table. It was full, but I found a seat in the corner where I could watch what was happening. One of the things I noticed about the restaurant was that in spite of their busyness the tables and floors were clean. It didn’t look like the lunch crowd had just descended and then left. I realized the cleanliness was the woman employee that was cleaning tables and wiping and sweeping the floors. She was going about her task while also making the customers feel comfortable, smiling as she passed someone, even a stranger like me.  Her attitude was very noticeable.

In spite of eating alone, for some reason I did not feel alone in this fast food restaurant because of the friendliness of the employees. I wanted to linger longer in the atmosphere. It seemed to me that in this establishment the employees were enjoying their jobs and enjoying their customers. I could be wrong but that was my impression, as a stranger, knowing no one in the building.

I don’t know if it is always this way in this McDonald’s but for me, on the day I was there, it is the way all businesses should be run. If customers feel like they are your friend they will be back. Good job employees of the Blue Earth, Minnesota.