I Am Whining Again.

English: The former two-dimensional version of...

English: The former two-dimensional version of the logo for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Designed by Paul Rand, this logo was used from 1962 until replaced by a three-dimensional equivalent in 2007. The 2-D logo now functions as a secondary logo, currently used only in print advertisements. This vector image is based on :Image:American Broadcasting Company Logo.png. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just checked the tv schedule for tonight. It is rainy, dreary and a good night to settle down in front of the television with a good book. Yes, I do multitask  when I sit in front of the television.

I flicked through my favorite channels which happen to be the networks ABC, CBS and NBC. It absolutely is a guy’s night. I know there are women that are absolute fanatics about sports but I am not one of them!

Here are my choices tonight on those channels. They are football, racing and wrestling. They are catering to the men tonight. I think they should have gotten together and put one wow show on one channel  for us women that are not sports enthusiasts.

You might argue that there are many channels to watch on my cable network. All of the channels except for a few seem to think no one watches television at this time of year. They are all repeats or reruns. Can’t we be a little creative during August on a Saturday night? There are those of us that are tv junkies, especially on a rainy evening.

I know whine, whine, whine. I said I wasn’t going to do that any more. Well, I lied. At least I have my Kindle and tons of books to read. At least Bookbub and  Inspired Reads realize that new books are important and let me download some free ones every day. They need to nudge the networks and let them know what we women like.

Wouldn’t it be cool if our cable channel and the networks put out enough programs that they could send us a menu like BookBub and Inspired Reads? It would give us a choice of watching something new if we didn’t like what was programmed to be on their channel that night. We would push a button and CBS, instead of NFL Football,  would give us choice of three new episodes of three different programs. I told you I was a dreamer.

After all my searching I found a program to watch tonight that I might like. It is called “Cat From Hell.” A guy who is somewhat a cat whisperer helps people fix problems with their cats. It is on the Animal Channel. At least the Animal Channel entices us with one new program hoping we will watch the same channel the rest of the night. I’ll have to check to see if “Bad Dog” follows the “Cat From Hell” I love those naughty puppies as long as they are not mine.

Enough whining. I wish the sports fans well tonight. I hope they enjoy their games and their races and their wrestling. Those remotes are going to be busy flicking from one program to the other. That might be more than any remote can survive.

Am I Confused or What?

I have learned that you should never take yourself too seriously thus the silly pictures. People have made blonde jokes at me all my life. I actually like blonde jokes. We have to have a sense of humor. When we lose that sense of humor things do not seem to work. So it is always with a sense of humor that I try new products.

A few months ago I decided to try L’Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting Cream. I also decided to try the eye cream. I was very confused about what to put where on my eye. The instructions said that the white anti wrinkle cream should go below the eye and the red lifting gel should go above the eye. No problem right?

There are two pumps on the top. One is white and one is red. When I pumped the white tube red gel came out of the top. When I pumped the red tube white cream came out of the top. I checked the box and you were supposed to use the red side above the eye and the white side below. It didn’t make sense to me that red would come out of the white tube and white would come out of the red tube.

I did use the red gel above my eye and the white cream below my eye. Even though it wasn’t as the directions told me I thought I possibly lost something in translation. Did I mention that I am direction challenged?

My eye creams ran out and I got a new bottle. This time the white comes out of the white and the red comes out of the red. I wasn’t confused at all. L’Oreal was confused.

I wonder what would have happened had I used the white on top of my lid and the red under my eye.  Perhaps under my eyes would have tightened and the lids would have drooped. Maybe I should have tried it that way. It would have made for a few laughs. Never take yourself of your beauty products too seriously.

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. França...

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. Français : Un œil de femme. Slovenčina: Ženské oko. Српски / Srpski: Женско око. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s All In The Attitude!

Peaceful lakeview1024

Peaceful lakeview1024 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t always had a very good attitude towards life. Sidelined by an illness last year gave me a lot of time to reflect. During my illness my attitude was horse_____.  You know what I mean. Part of that was feeling crummy and part of that was depression and anxiety. I wasn’t filling myself with positive messages. I came to the conclusion what I should have known a long time ago. What and who you surround yourself with will make a difference in your life.

I used to play a song for my children from Brite Music. I can’t remember the name of the song but some of the words were “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Meaning you needed to get rid of the negative stuff in your life.

I was filling myself with negative messages from the news, from my self talk and possibly from some of my surroundings. I had to dig myself out of a hole. Luckily there were many positive people in my life that lifted me and encouraged me. These messages seemed to always come at a time when I was at my lowest. It might have been a phone call or a visit. It might have been book or a positive card. I found I had to isolate myself from some of the negative forces in my life. Some of that included negative people.

I am feeling more positive, joyful and optimistic. It is hard to stay that way if I listen to the news, surround myself with negative vibes and join and do things that go against what I feel inside. That is another way we fill ourselves up with negativity. We join to be liked. We join because it is expected of us. We join because we don’t want to be left out. It is not that joining is bad but joining or doing something that is more of a burden and doesn’t fit our personality or our passion wipes us out. When we do that we don’t have time for the causes that make us passionate and possibly could do a lot of good. Just because we are good at something doesn’t mean we should be doing it. Perhaps we should take a chance at that which we are terrible at but fills us with joy.

Before spending all my time on the couch contemplating life and feeling rotten I had a bad attitude. I realize that now. I was frustrated that my church wasn’t changing and offering more contemporary things. I was frustrated with community things that weren’t being  promoted. We have so many wonderful things in my community if the outside world only knew about them. I was frustrated with everything and if there was nothing to be frustrated with I found it and I complained about it. I believe this attitude brought me down.

I realized that it is not my church that has to change. If everyone else is happy then it was I that had to change. It is not my community that has to change, it is I that has to change. If things work for everyone else why should they change for me? Maybe they don’t need changing but it is my perception that has to change. There are wonderful people in our churches and our communities. If everyone would have the attitude that I had it is no wonder that our churches and communities would come off as having a negative attitude and good work would quit being done. That change in attitude had to be my attitude.

There are a couple of blogs that helped me realize this. One is The Change Blog by Peter Clemmons and the other is A Flourishing Life by Gail Brenner Ph. D. I have added them to my blogroll in case your want to check them out. Occassionally we all need help staying positive.

Recently my community had a very positive campaign for a new school. I was proud to be able to support that. But the best thing about that campaign was the energy it brought to my community. It was positive energy that spread out to each and every individual that was a part of that campaign. Positive attitudes bring positive results.

Things can only change in our lives if we start with ourselves. We can’t change other peoples attitudes. We can’t change things that maybe don’t need changing because we want them changed. We can only change ourselves, go forward with anticipation that the choices we are making are right for us.

Will I  be negative again? Probably. I only hope what I have learned this past year will stay with me. Will it be easy? No. I have to remember to surround myself with positive people, positive readings, positive experiences that will carry me through the tough times in life that are going to come. And if the old negativity is creeping in I hope one of those positive people with remind me in no uncertain terms that my attitude needs changing.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude  Maya Angelou