Am I Confused or What?

I have learned that you should never take yourself too seriously thus the silly pictures. People have made blonde jokes at me all my life. I actually like blonde jokes. We have to have a sense of humor. When we lose that sense of humor things do not seem to work. So it is always with a sense of humor that I try new products.

A few months ago I decided to try L’Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting Cream. I also decided to try the eye cream. I was very confused about what to put where on my eye. The instructions said that the white anti wrinkle cream should go below the eye and the red lifting gel should go above the eye. No problem right?

There are two pumps on the top. One is white and one is red. When I pumped the white tube red gel came out of the top. When I pumped the red tube white cream came out of the top. I checked the box and you were supposed to use the red side above the eye and the white side below. It didn’t make sense to me that red would come out of the white tube and white would come out of the red tube.

I did use the red gel above my eye and the white cream below my eye. Even though it wasn’t as the directions told me I thought I possibly lost something in translation. Did I mention that I am direction challenged?

My eye creams ran out and I got a new bottle. This time the white comes out of the white and the red comes out of the red. I wasn’t confused at all. L’Oreal was confused.

I wonder what would have happened had I used the white on top of my lid and the red under my eye.  Perhaps under my eyes would have tightened and the lids would have drooped. Maybe I should have tried it that way. It would have made for a few laughs. Never take yourself of your beauty products too seriously.

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. França...

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. Français : Un œil de femme. Slovenčina: Ženské oko. Српски / Srpski: Женско око. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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