Giveaway, Interview and Review for Granny Skewers a Scoundrel

My latest stop. Learn more about me and Granny. Thank you Theresa for having me.

Books to the Ceiling

GRANNY SKEWERS SMALL BANNERToday we are being visited by Julie Seedorf on her book tour for her latest book, Granny Skewers a Scoundrel. I had the chance to interview Julie and one of the most interesting things I found about her is that she also has a young readers series!

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I write because I breathe. I have always been a writer although in my teenage years it was a diary. Recently I found my diary from 1965 and the details of my first love and my first kiss. After reading my diary entries from 1965 my mind started putting them together as a story so I guess the dreams of a young teenager were the start of my crazy old age fantasies. I took some classes in creative writing in college, got married, had kids and put my writing on the backburner except for volunteer activities…

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Reviewer Wants Granny To Adopt Her.

Day 10 on my blog tour. Find out what this reviewer wants Granny to do. Thank you Back Porchervations for the great review. Check it out. Should Granny adopt?