Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful What Happened?

bold and beautifulI don’t usually write posts on the soap operas I have watched for more years than I can count. At least it is that way with the Young and the Restless. I have followed the soap from the beginning. I began watching the Bold and the Beautiful when As The World Turns went off the air. Yes, I am a soap junkie starting from my teen years when my mom got me hooked. I won’t tell you how old I am now. Let’s just say almost older than dirt.

I will start by commenting on the Bold and the Beautiful. Since I have begun watching this soap, and I am not sure why I am watching anymore, it has pretty much consisted of Hope in love with Liam, Liam marrying Stephy, then divorcing Stephy and going back with Hope, and then back to Stephy and letting Stephy go, throwing  in a few more people for them to marry before they trade around again.

Then we have Ridge and Brooke. Ridge is with Brooke,  he marries someone else and back to Brooke, another distraction and then he is back with Brooke. You get my gist. In between, we have had a few other storylines like the one with Sheila coming back. I wasn’t in on the first times Sheila was in the mix but it was tiring having her come back again. You knew exactly what was going to happen. I really felt the mark was missed on the Quinn shooting too. The story could have been so much more.

I am a mystery writer and as a long time fan, I think I could even do better than what has happened. I was very hopeful when someone shot Bill and they had all these suspects. But then they ended the story quickly. My mystery writer mind had all kinds of twists and turns along with offshoot stories that could have kept us fans enticed for a long time. Add some history and the writers could have rocked it. But no, first the writers showed us Liam shot his father and then it was Taylor.  And I might add I have been very disappointed with the way the police are portrayed in this soap opera. It doesn’t do justice to what would really happen if crimes unfolded they way they did the past few months.

Elation bubbled over me when they brought the Spectra’s back but again it was quickly over and the writers dropped the ball not only on Bill’s involvement in trying to try to kill Sally and endangering Liam but also in the entire story that could have developed with Spectra and Forrester once again going head to head especially with Thomas helping Sally lead the battle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the actors playing the characters. They are doing an excellent job with what they are given but I feel as if the Bold and the Beautiful are living in the movie Groundhog Day and every day is the same. Perhaps the problem is the writers and the networks are too young and not seasoned enough to understand what makes a soap great or what makes fans keep watching. Maybe they should hire a real author who spends their lives writing great stories.

Here is what I imagine in my head when I think of the Bold and the Beautiful. Liam and Wyatt actually finally say enough and start their own company to compete with Spencer Enterprises. Someone starts to sabotage Spencer Enterprises and of course Bill blames Liam and Wyatt but who is lurking from the past that could be the villain? Hope and Stephy finally both have had enough of Liam’s waffling between the two of them. Stephy becomes a single mother and though Liam will have a say in her child’s future, she doesn’t need a man to complete her. She is an independent woman and takes charge with her dad at Forrester. Hope takes time to figure out why she can’t move on and spends time figuring out who Hope Logan really is, maybe meeting someone new along the way that could take her in an entirely new direction. I feel this program shows a disrespect to these two characters who are supposed to be leading executives and strong women. Meanwhile, Liam and Wyatt also have someone sabotaging their efforts to start their new company. Both father and sons are too busy blaming each other to see what is really going on right under their noses.

Ridge and Brooke, Eric and Quinn become the stable couples although Quinn still has that impish spark inside of her and decides she is going to investigate who is trying to take down her son. Of course, her life might be put in danger but does she pull Eric into it too or does he still try to be the voice of reason?

We can’t forget about Pam and Charlie. They add a comedic touch to the show. As for Wyatt and Katie, well use your imagination and find a story for them so they don’t get boring. After all, they don’t do much right now as a couple except having trysts in Katie’s house or worry about what other people on the soap thnk of their relationship.

I know my storyline dreams might be lame but what I am saying is get off the same ole, same ole. A subject is talked about for days with not much action. It is very easy to fast forward through many conversations because there are not many surprises. Bring back some history. Tie the show together and add some mystery, strife, and comedy. Make us care about the stories and the characters. I might be wrong but it is time to find someone who truly understands the Forrester’s and is bold with the storyline and makes it a beautiful tale to weave.

Tomorrow my take on the Young and the Restless.

Who am I? Just a fan that wants my soap opera back. Is that too much to ask?


2 thoughts on “Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful What Happened?

  1. I am with you Julie. I’ve only recently stopped watching Y+R, having given up B+B after Susan Flannery- Stephanie- died.

    I know violence and sex are selling points for advertisers, but MY guess that when the Bells gave up control, CBS needed to keep the audience, hence the need for serial monogamy and “mafia wanna bes”as well as unknown uneducated clueless not quite adults running multi million dollar companies, and never kicking back to watch TV or…have you noticed there are NO books on these shows?

    I just can’t sit still long enough to watch anymore… and Jeanne Cooper is rolling in her grave.


  2. I think you can be a writer for this show! I feel you have read my mind! Hope left already to clear her head and find out who she is. Did she not figure It all out while she was gone? It broke some people’s hearts who were pulling for the Hope&Liam duo over the Steffy&Liam duo at the time. Not to mention, they bring Hope back with her being hung up on Liam still, also as if she was never married to Liam! Why not bring her back a new changed Empowered Woman who not only stands by Steffy, but even works by her side running the company instead of Ridge! All over the world you see how things Are so different and have come so far! Instead of the woman hiding behind a man they Are out front making things hapoen! Not running it with a man by their side! Are men writing these story lines? I am not trying to step on toes, but you give us great ideas as if you are going to go towards a bright new direction, similar to what is going on in the world today, then it all goes back to the beginning of time again! ! It’s just that these story lines feels somewhat of a repeat of the entire Brook&Rige, Taylor&Ridge, Brook&Eric, Brook&Thorn, Stephanie&Eric generation! There’s been so many chances for some really great story lines, and just when we feel we are finally getting a new vibe going on the show, an old familiar loop begins again!
    As for Pam&Charlie, have Katie start her own detective agency of security firm, have her hire those two, there can be so much comedy and serious story lines there! They have always played Katie like the insecure little girl that never will see herself as good as the I’VE SLEPT WITH EVERY MALE CHARACTER IN THE SHOW BROOK! Yes this show talks about Women Empowerment, but just when you think they are really sticking to that motto, the rug is pulled out from under he and we are back in the 90’s once more! Hey, it’s ok to change direction sometimes people! Just because this show began in one direction, doesn’t mean it can’t grow and change. Isn’t that what life is about? Grow and change! By the way, it is kind of distasteful to have step-mom’s sleep with their step-son’s, or daughter-in-law’s hook ups with their father-in-law! Take a serious direction towards one of the huge story lines happening in the world today, Sexual Harassment! People are speaking up! They are finally saying WE WON’T LET THIS GO ON ANYMORE! This show has supported some great topics in the past! Here, you have a show where many people run some great corporations! You can go with a storyline of how one of the Powerful & Great Leader’s crossed the line, had to face the facts, pay for their wrong doings and he held accountable and maybe even go through a process of forgiveness and healing. That can use some great time up on that show while showing viewers how you the show feels Sexual Harassment is as has always been wrong and needs to be let know that it won’t be allowed!
    I wish I had time to say more, because through the years, I’ve seen great possibilities for this show! Maybe because a dream I’ve had sense a child was to write. Maybe because my life at times has felt like a slap opera so much, I have often thought of writing a book on it myself! Even though, I can not help but see the potential there my life isn’t the topic here. Maybe it should be. I use to say, if you want to know what is going on with your neighborhood or your gown, watch a Soap, because it tells all of what is going on in the world! Stop starting new things then turning them into old stories please! Remember the year and era we live in please, and do as they say please. LET THE PAST STAY IN THE PAST! Prove to people that life don’t ALWAYS repeat itself, but that LIFE CAN CHANGE! Don’t we teach our youth that the future is theirs to change! Prove this is true!
    Thanks for giving us a great soap to watch! Just hoping for a new AWESOME spin on it for the future!


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