Burned Breadcrumbs!

Eggplant Español: Berenjena

Eggplant Español: Berenjena (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My cooking skills have been put to the test again. You name it, I can burn it.

Actually it is a case of not paying attention. I planned on frying eggplant. I met this wonderful lady yesterday that gave me tips on mouth watering eggplant. The recipe called for dried breadcrumbs. She meant dried not black and burned.

I didn’t have any dried breadcrumbs but I had some delicious onion bread. I decided to dry my own breadcrumbs. I meticulously put the pan in the oven with the breadcrumbs. I checked them a little while into the burning process. They weren’t quite done. I then proceeded to do what I always do. I forgot about them.

I happened to tape Anderson Cooper‘s show. I got so interested in Anderson that breadcrumbs were the last thing on my mind. When I finally remembered them they were toast literally. Black toast.

Should I give up cooking.? I like that idea, but the problem is I like to eat. Yes, occasionally I have to eat my blackened food. What can I say. I live an interesting cooking life.

It wasn’t a totally lost day. I also made Kale chips. The last time I made Kale chips they too turned out black. This time the just turned out too salty. I am making progress. Wouldn’t you agree? And if you’re thinking of coming for dinner……..it might be safer to bring your own unless your favorite color is black.

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