Lisa K’s Review of Granny Pins A Pilferer and A Giveaway!

GRANNY PINS A PILFERERlisaThank you to LIsa and her blog or giving me such a great review for Granny Pins A Pilferer. You can read it here. and make sure you sign up on Lisa’s Blog for the giveaway.

Granny’s back and better than ever! Trust me when I say, if you haven’t read a book in this series, hold on to your socks. Granny is more than just a handful.   

There are a couple of things you can always count on when you read a Fuchsia, Minnesota Mystery. 1) You’re going to laugh until you cry. 2) You’re in for a great mystery.

In GRANNY PINS A PILFERER, author Julie Seedorf once again brings us Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt aka Granny. And boy, does she bring us Granny! Residents of The Next To The Last Resting Place are dying at an alarming rate! With this many folks passing on to their final resting place, it can’t all be from natural causes . . . can it? That’s what Granny sets out to discover, and discover it she does!

I had so much fun reading GRANNY PINS A PILFERER, I was still laughing at things hours after I read the last page! I have read many fun/funny mysteries, but only author Julie Seedorf can having me laughing even as I feel the tension mounting through the mystery of the story. Of course, all becomes clear by the end of the book, once again proving that Granny is a force to be reckoned with!

Well done Ms. Seedorf! You have me anxiously awaiting my next trip to Fuchsia!

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