Hour One Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Save Our Cozies Readathon

cat-248548_1280  Your first challenge – let’s see your Save Our Cozies Readathon TBR pile – What are you reading?  What are your goals for the readathon?  Post a picture on your social media platform of choice of your TBR pile (or a list if they are ebooks or it is easier for you.) Bonus:  if you have a furred, feathered or finned reading companion you can include them as well!  Remember – #saveourcozies #readathon  (if you are on Twitter – tweet it at me @saveourcozies, so I can find your posts)

You can leave a comment when you are done if you like.

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2 thoughts on “Hour One Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

  1. You know I am a BIG supporter of cozies….it’s over half my TBR queue. But a cozie readathon seems like a bit of an oxymoron. We’ve been bombarded by cancellations of series by publishers running from the big bad eBook. Publishers aren’t in the business for anything more than the bottom line on a financial printout and people just aren’t buying anything these days…with the exception of Pokemon Go…and paranormal “whateveritisthisweek”. And, inventing new genres just muddies the whole kettle of corn….Choclit? NewAdult? WhatNext……

    So, I support books. I read 250+ a year. At 59.6 years old with above average intelligence, my disabilities give me the joy of reading for a living. If this readathon saves the genre by bringing it forward in people’s minds…great… As for me, I’m going back to Michaelangelo’s Ghost….


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