The Generosity of Authors!

The Cozy Cat Chronicles

cropped-ccplogonegative-e1433524649126.jpgBy Julie Seedorf

I love being a writer but what I find as an author is other authors are generous in their support of one another. I didn’t know what to expect when I was accepted and published by Cozy Cat Press in 2013. What I found by joining the team of Cozy Cat Press Authors was a group of people wiling to accept me, mentor me and become my friend.

As my career has progressed and more books in the Fuchsia Minnesota Series were published, I found the generosity also of authors outside of my publishing company. In most cases they want to see other authors succeed and are very helpful in promoting each other when new books are out, when something special is happening in someone’s writing life and when on a personal level there are the hill and valley moments we all experience. We try and prop…

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