It’s All In The Perspective

The Cozy Cat Chronicles


by Julie Seedorf

I spent the weekend with my children and grandchildren. At any given time someone was either on their iPod, their cell phone texting,  reading on their kindle or playing games on the Xbox. Earbuds made their way into ears so each person could listen to their own music or their videos. I wasn’t any better,  doing the same thing along with the other adults in the house. It wasn’t just the kids, we were all engaged in our own thing at one time or another–some more than others.

We did have some rousing games of cards, putting away our electronics for periods of time. I was going to lament to my children, making the statement  it never used to be like this when I was growing up, when I had a flashback in my mind to my teenage years. It did used to be like this when I…

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