Review: A Nate To Remember: A Poppy Cove Mystery

A Nate To Remember: A Poppy Cove Mystery
A Nate To Remember: A Poppy Cove Mystery by Barbara Jean Coast
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was captivated by A Nate To Remember. This is the third in the Poppy Cove Series by Author Barbara Jean Coast and they just keep getting better.

A Nate To Remember transports a reader back in time to the sun and sand of sunny California when fashion was inspiring and iconic. The fashions in this Poppy Cove mystery are described in such detail that you not only can see them in your mind, you wish you had access to the designs.

The characters are well established as we were introduced to some of them in the first two books of the series. In A Nate To Remember the writers give us more details into their background that add to their dimension. The author adds new characters to the mix that fit in flawlessly with the story. The writer develops the characters so I as reader care about them and their story.

The story line and plot is well orchestrated. The ending surprised me. That in one word is mystery. It is a mystery that takes you in many directions, leads you back to the final conclusion, without losing you in between. Great job, Barbara Jean Coast.

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1 thought on “Review: A Nate To Remember: A Poppy Cove Mystery

  1. So happy you enjoyed your visit to Santa Lucia, Juile :-)! You are always welcome, just watch out for a little murder and mayhem…
    Toodles, Darling


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