Want To Play Catch ——-Up?

I never have been good at playing catch. I also am not very good at playing catch -up. I took a week away to spend time with friends and family. I also took the time for some much needed rest. I had planned on doing some writing when I had time alone for a few days, but I found  I was tired and needed the time alone to play catch-up on my energy.

I am home again and trying to get back into the swing of things, but there are many tasks that need to be taken care of. My time away renewed my energy to tackle those tough tasks. I want to share my experiences with you.

First on my list was a speaking engagement at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville. I was greeted by some lovely and friendly women. They made me and my daughter-in-law feel at home. Immediately my jitters were put to rest. They laughed at the right places, and I left them crying when I read, Show And Tell, from my new book, “Something About Nothing”. I am not sure that was my goal to leave someone crying, but I like to move hearts.

Next on my agenda was time with family. I enjoyed watching dance recitals, basketball practice, where I observed the best first grade coach I had ever encountered, and time in conversation.

And then…..I got to spend time with my grand kitties alone in their new home. I was kitty sitting. I had a beautiful location in a fun shopping town. But….I found the quietness and the peace by myself were more tempting than the shopping. It was my time to get up when I wanted, eat what I wanted, when I wanted. It was my time to read a book, or stare into space or sleep. And I did. It felt great.

Having attended five funerals in two weeks also made me realize time is short and I needed to catch up with some friends I had not seen in a long time. Many years ago a young teenage girl spent a lot of time with us. She captured my heart. We still have a connection and so we met for the first time in two years. Even though our first connection was over 20 years ago, it was as if it were yesterday, and we could share our lives without skipping a beat. It was a meeting between young and old but age didn’t matter.

On my way home I stopped to have lunch with another friend. We share the same birthday. We share hearts. Time and distance doesn’t matter because we are still there for one another.

I caught up with my week away and I have plenty of catching up to do now that I am home, but the lessons I learned on my week away were valuable.

Family keeps my heart beating.

Friends keep my heart smiling.

New connections with new people, lead me on a path to open my heart for risking new friendships.

Rest is a must. Don’t be afraid to alone with yourself. You might actually discover new things about yourself that will give you energy to go forward and know that you can meet the challenges of the future. The important thing to remember is that we all need the time to sit in silence with ourselves.

I dedicate this blog post to family, new friends and old friends that helped me, catch-up with me.

St. Johns Ladies

  St. Johns Ladies

Joan and I at St. Johns

Joan and I at St. Johns


With my friend Angie

With my friend Angie

My friend Donna

My friend Donna



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