Something About Nothing Book Release Day

Under every nothing we speak is something waiting to be said if we take the time to listen. Announcing the release of the Kindle part of my new book “Something About Nothing.”  This is the description on Amazon: From selling her family on a popular website, to protecting an imperfect evergreen tree with five tops in her back yard, (What would happen if they cut down imperfect human?), author Julie Seedorf’s Something About Nothing is a collection of writings from her column of the same name that debuted in 2006. In everything that we speak to our friends and neighbors, there is a something hidden deep in the recesses of our hearts – silent, wanting to come out when we greet one another. We feel no one cares if we hurt or need a little bit of kindness to make us smile each day, and so we spend our conversations on nothings. “How’s the weather?” “How are you?” The answer is always, “Fine.” We don’t always answer with what is hidden below the surface. This collection of columns is full of inspiration, silliness, and heart. Laughter and dreams keep the soul alive. They are the something needed in our nothings of life.

In honor of the release I am going to post little tidbits of the book throughout the week on this blog. Check it out and then mosey on over to my Facebook author page, to join the conversation and add your comments for a chance to win this book and others by me and some of my friends. Let’s talk about the something’s under the nothings of our lives.

Today, March 10 only, in honor of my non Fuchsia book, (Granny was upset I left her out this time) I am dropping the price of “Granny Hooks A Crook” to .99. Today only. Here is the link for that.

If you are looking for “Something About Nothing” you can find it here.

Here is a tidbit from the book. Did you ever want to sell your relatives? .

I sold my relatives on eBay! Wait! Before you call the Gossip Paper and the headlines, read Woman Sells Relatives on eBay. You need to hear the whole story.

I am going to solve a problem for you. We all accumulate things. My mother accumulated many things. After surviving the depression, there wasn’t anything that she would throw out. Because I was an only child, all of those things that she did not throw out became my responsibility. I had boxes and boxes of pictures. I had pictures of relatives whose names were lost with the centuries. I had pictures of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. Some of the faces I recognized. They were vintage pictures, some from the early 1900s.

Join us for the fun. This is going to be the discussion for the day. Head on over to my facebook page and tell us, gently if you ever wanted to sell your relatives.

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