Book Is Done, Now What?

Good Monday Morning. As I was watching the Super Bowl Ads and Katie Perry I marveled at all the hours of work by the artists and the behind the scenes people. We have the joy of watching but what looks easy comes with hard work from many people. It is the same way when it comes to being an author or a writer. It might look easy. Publish the book and on the to next. Simple right? The book might be written but the work on the book is just starting. To get the book to sell and out to more readers we have to promote, promote, promote and there is a fine line between people becoming tired of you and getting your name and your books out there. We need to do this so an author can make a living. This week I am taking the week away from home and husband to work on the details of promoting my books, getting organized, building a mock up copy of Fuchsia and working on my fourth book. I am excited about having this time. I need to bury myself in the details so I am hoping my readers can promote my books for me this week. If you enjoyed any of my books please tell someone, share my website, Facebook page or share a link to my books. I need my readers on my team this week to help. Thank you ahead of time. I appreciate all of you. Keep track and let me know what you did. There will be some surprises to some of my readers who promote in the mail closer to Valentines Day. thankful readers

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