Trash or Treasure? What Does Your Computer Measure?

Computers are supposed to save us time. Computers are supposed to cut down on our paperwork. I admit I am a file hoarder. It is time to clean out my cell phone and clean up the files on my computer. I think creative types like me tend to clutter while creating. What fun is it to get rid of all those old files anyway?

Not only do I write but I love to create weird artwork on my computer. No one else might think it is any good. I don’t think it is any good, but it is relaxing to draw the way I feel on any given day. It is fun to try out all the new graphic programs. You never know when I might need one of them. Who wants to spend time pushing the delete button on the computer when a fabulous recipe or a friend are waiting online?

I recently watched a show about hoarders. My house doesn’t look like that, but if anyone looked at my computer they would see a hoarder. I don’t delete emails. I don’t clean up the old files. I was a computer repair person. You would think I would do what I told my clients to do but who has the time? That is a good excuse anyway.

The same goes with messages on my cell phone. You never know when you might need an old message. I know it’s time to delete when a friend recently got a message from me that was part of a message from over a year ago, and part of a message I texted the other evening. It was a very confusing message. I laughed when she showed it to me. I think she thought I possibly had tipped too many bottles of wine when I wrote it.

What about all those emails from all my email accounts? I so envy the people that I know that have everything perfect in folders. I want to be that person but I am always on to the next thing. Organizing emails isn’t as much fun as writing or painting or creatively making computer art that no one wants to look at.

I wasn’t an office organizer either when we had all that paperwork that we don’t have now because computers are going to save us time. The computer will only save us as much time if the person running it is organized.

I think the everyday details  of office work are too boring for creative minds. We work better in chaos. Who can find anything after we organize and have a place for everything? I can’t.

Let’s not forget the pictures on the computer. My pictures that are on my computer and on my phone are not organized either. They are like the real pictures in the storage boxes that need to be organized. I take the pictures, love the pictures but don’t take the time to have them printed out or organized any way except  by the way the camera put them on my computer.

Someday when I am an old woman I will color the folders on my computer red.
I shall sit down and organize my pictures into purple boxes.
I shall empty the computer trash and trash the photos where I am doing something boring.
I will keep only those emails which lift me up and not take me down.
I will with the touch of a button hit the delete button on the boring so that in my old age I will only keep soaring.
But until then I will cherish my scattered mind, let the colors in my brain flow and let the creativity show.
My computer mess will wait, my kids can smash it when I am at heaven’s gate.
That sounds like a good solution to me, I’ll go on creating and be who I am meant to be.

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