You’ve Linked to Me, Now What Do I Do?

joyfullMy world has opened up since my book Granny Hooks a Crook was published and since I started investigating all the social media that is out there. It can get confusing for us older adults that spent most of our lives writing letters and communicating with a phone system that was attached to a wall. I am a dreamer and I love the new technology most of the time. My problem is that I love to explore new programs and new ways to connect with the people and my readers.

You might say that is a good thing, right? Maybe but…. I try too many things too fast so I know a little about a lot and not a lot about a little. Ooh, I have a new Grannyism to add to my Fuchsia, Minnesota cups in my Hermiony store at Zazzle. As you can see, and it happens with many creative minds, mine is scattered here and there with thoughts that randomly pop into my head that have nothing to do with anything I am writing about. Back to the little but not a lot.

A few weeks ago I decided I should have a book trailer for my kids book Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig? What did I do? I tried a new program. It took me days to get my project done because I had to learn a little about this new program that I loved in order to finish my project. The book trailer is kind of cute, not the best, a little long, but it was so much fun.

My scattered mind is now going back to the social media. I joined Linked In, Stumble Upon, Tumbler, Reddit and I probably forgot a few other ones that I thought I needed to join. And I probably didn’t put the correct names because ahh… I can’t remember them all. I already belong to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I have started receiving invitations on  Linked In. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. People have recommended me. Recommended me for what? I wasn’t sure and I knew the people that recommended me so it must be the thing to do. I wasn’t sure I needed a Linked In Account because I always thought that was for corporate types not Granny writers. I see it is for more than the corporate suits. But then… I only know a little about the site.

And I can’t forget about Google. It keeps changing and adding and confusing me. But I do love Google at least the parts of it I can figure out.

I don’t accept everyone on some of these media sites. I don’t need to expand my world to solicitations or things that make me feel worse, and I don’t need to have thousands or millions of Twitter followers so I don’t follow people that offer me more followers. I can’t figure out the reason I would want to follow millions of people. I like to read what people post. I only want sincere followers and people I can follow back that expand my world in a positive way.

Social Media is great for writers. I am grateful I can send my writing off to editors that correct my bad grammar since it is not my strong suit. I am grateful for social media because it is crucial for getting the word out on our books. The best part for me is being able to connect with my readers. Also I joined some writers groups on Facebook and have made many new friends. There are so many talented and fun people out there.

I was feeling anxious about joining too many things and not keeping up. It was causing me stress. I felt behind in my knowledge. I was stressing on all I had to learn. I had pieces of this and pieces of that. And then……and then……the thought hit me that I may never put the pieces together just right. I may Stumble, Tumble, Tweet, Pin It and whatever else I want to do. All of these things are perfect for a scattered mind to keep it active, to keep it learning and to keep it interesting.  I will never learn it all because if I did the website will change. And here’s the kicker, no one really cares but me.

A few people recommended me on Linked In. Recommended me for what I wondered. The recommendations were good so recommend away until I find out how and why to recommend someone. It felt good to be recommended and to have someone say something positive about my scattered mind.

As a writer these social media sites are important and so are the groups on Facebook. Outside of that is the fact that I need this expanded world to broaden my vision, my friendships and my life. The people I follow, the people I connect with are inspirational, spiritual, creative and positive. I hope I am that to them.

So Stumble, Tumble, Tweet, and whatever else you want to try. Don’t be scared. Have some fun, be kind to yourself. Connect with those like you. Find balance between online friends and off line friends. Learn about far off places, different cultures. Make friends with those in another country. Connect with old friends. If you are older, don’t give up because you are scared and are afraid you can’t learn. Take your time. Be patient. You can learn and you might be glad you did.

I just have one question, you’ve linked to me, now what do I do?


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