Science Fiction or a Cozy Read?

shot glassI like unbelievable characters. Perhaps that is why some of the characters in my books seem unbelievable to some people.

I recently received a review of someone that  liked my book, Granny Hooks A Crook  and gave it a good review but weren’t sure about the reality of the characters. They felt that the main character, Granny possibly belonged in a science fiction book. Perhaps she does. She would find that a lot of fun. I can just see her battling King Kong or the Lochness Monster or the future space invaders that may come to our earth. She would figure out some way to get the aliens behind bars. I find that fantasy in fiction can be fun if the reader relaxes and enjoys the ride.

Perhaps it is a quirky part of my personality that likes books that make life into an unbelievable fantasy. Don’t we have enough reality in our world today? We need to relax and let our imaginations take root. Perhaps that is why I like the Harry Potter Series so much. When I watch the movies and read the books, I marvel at the creativity of the creator, J.K. Rowling. What was supposed to be a kid’s fantasy quickly turned into being loved by adults too. We loved I Love Lucy and she was as wacky as the Granny in my books. We loved the Golden Girls who got themselves into some unusual antics too. Let’s not forget about Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies. We watched because we wanted to laugh and watch the unbelievable. And maybe those of us that are older wanted to shed the expectations that were put on us all of lives and have fun with what is left of it.

There is a little part in many of us that would love to be that character in the book or on the screen because they are having so much fun. Are the antics of the silly characters in our books and television series actually so off the mark or do we not let the antics that are inside of us out because we want to be accepted by society?

Recently there was study done on  longevity and it found that the seniors that could also belong in a science fiction movie. It is a fictional town that makes a little fun of the rules that govern our real communities. It makes fun of the rules and regulations that we need to make society work, but that occasionally are carried too far and stifle community. Fuchsia doesn’t conform and neither do it’s residents. What holds Fuchsia apart and together in the midst of the lackadaisical rules is the fact that the quirky residents accept each others flaws and unique personalities and lets them embrace their differences. Who wouldn’t like that in the real world?

Fuchsia has it’s flaws, and it has it’s crime but the residents come together always supporting one another. They live, they love, they laugh, they get in trouble and they embrace different.

I do quirky things. I can have coffee and donuts and ice cream in the morning if I want. I forget where I parked my car. I get scared. I have been known to drop to the floor on occasion and start exercising to make a point for something. I can do the unexpected. I come from a family of quirky ladies and I like it. I wish I would have let it show sooner. You might have met Granny earlier.

But if you are wondering if Granny is going to shed the science fiction or fantasy label in her next book I will tell you, she is not. I will also tell you that you will see why Granny is the way she is. Granny will reveal why she has a sense of humor and what makes Granny hurt, cry and love. She would want you to know that before she kicks the bucket. Stay tuned.


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