Granny Gets Sticky Fingers

Granny_T-shirtThis blog received a note from Granny this morning. Granny. Granny being Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt from Fuchsia, Minnesota and the super sleuth in the book, Granny Hooks A Crook.

Here is what she had to say. It seems she gets herself into the most amazing situation.

“Just thought I’d check in. I wanted to give your readers little tip. If they want to fool someone into thinking they are older, tell them to spill super glue on their fingers. It does the trick. You will wrinkle very fast and you will stay wrinkled long enough to get your hand in and out of anything you want without them suspecting you are young. For instance if you are reaching into a hole to see if there is a clue inside and there is a camera taking a picture, they will see a very old hand. Perfect.  Unfortunately I don’t have  solution for you to unwrinkled your hand fast so you might want to hide out if your are caught until the super glue and wrinkles subside. Also I advise you not to use super glue on your face”

I also you aren’t misleading anyone  if you are questioned and you tell them you couldn’t help yourself from trying whatever you did. You could use this idea when borrowing candy or cookies out of a cookie bowl or candy bowl. The key line when getting caught and I would use it often is: “I couldn’t help myself I have sticky fingers.

I must go, thank you for passing on my note. I am busy with my next puzzling crime in Fuchsia, Minnesota. If you think I got into trouble with Granny Hooks A Crook, wait till you see what I do next.”


I want to thank Granny for visiting my blog and giving us her tips for troublemaking and excuses to use if you get caught. I do want to caution you to not pass these tips along to your children, use with caution and this blog is not responsible for any problems related to Granny’s advice. Don’t tell Granny I said this, I don’t think she takes time to read this blog. I would take Granny’s advice with a grain of salt and also caution you that trying this at home is not advised by this blogger.


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