Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt (Granny) New Years Resolutions


Hermiony resides in the fictional town of Fuchsia, Minnesota and Granny is the main character in the book Granny Hooks A Crook by Julie Seedorf.

Every year the citizens of Fuchsia are hounding me to make New Year’s Resolutions. In the interest of keeping the merchants I work for happy, I will do so this year.

  1. I will not let any more furry creatures adopt me this year.
  2.  When Franklin winks at me I will not blush.
  3.  I will give up donuts this year. Wait, it’s not Lent, I will not give up donuts this year.
  4. I will  practice the art of patience with my adult children. I am changing the locks on my door.
  5. I will make at least one trip a week to Red Hot Mama’s Boutique.
  6.  I will remember where my cars are this year. I will not lose them.
  7. I will try something new, perhaps skydiving at the Fuchsia Airport  or water skiing in Blue Bird Lake or snow skiing down Blue Bird Hill.
  8. I will help the Big Guy in new ways. Surprise is the mother of invention or something like that.
  9.  I will spy on my neighbors, especially the new ones that are moving in.
  10. I will laugh, I will mourn, I will love. What is a better resolution than that?

Did you know that they make spyglasses with camera’s?  That’s it, my last resolution. I will buy myself a spyglass with a camera so I can take better care of my neighbors.

Happy New Year and Foofidleyfa!

4 thoughts on “Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt (Granny) New Years Resolutions

  1. Oh Granny you are just the best. You may enjoy a large sparkly flag on your car antenna. Very easy to find in a parking lot. And don’t forget the coffee with those donuts.


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