Do Followers Really Read Your Twitter Posts?

Free twitter badge

Free twitter badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When “Granny Hooks A Crook” was published I decided I needed to hit the Social Media and become involved. That has become an interesting process.

I was on Facebook. That was my start. I added this blog. I evolved to my website I then added Twitter. julieseedorf@julieseedorf.

I still do not quite understand all the language of Twitter but I am learning. I look at people who I follow and that are following me with thousands and thousands plus followers and wonder, are of the tweets being read? Or is it just about the numbers?

I do Twitter to interact with people who have the same interests as I do. I do Twitter to promote “Granny Hooks a Crook” and “Whatchamacallit? Thingamajig?” But does it matter?

There have some blogs, people and quotes that inspire me and catch my eye daily. I try not to always promote my books but try to promote what I feel and what I believe. I have found that those that constantly promote their books and what they have to sell and not much else are those that I skim past on a daily basis, and think about unfollowing. Maybe it is just me that is put off by that.

Those are my thoughts. I have a lot to learn. I joined Instagram yesterday. You can possibly teach an old woman new tricks. Isn’t that right  Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt better known as Granny.

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