Do I Read or Do I Write?

I can’t stand it! I have so many good books on my Kindle that I have downloaded. Having a Kindle is so easy. With the click of a link I can have another book or magazine.

When it comes to books I am like a kid in a candy store, I can’t resist and now that lure carries over to my Kindle. Amazon sent me suggestions for Catherine Coulter, who is one of my favorite authors. I visited the page. My finger hovered over the link to buy. I put my hand down and lifted it again, indecisive, not about wanting to read the book but about adding any more books until I read what I already have downloaded on my Kindle. I settled for adding the Catherine Coulter books that I haven’t read recently in the wish list. Yet, I still want to go back and put them on my Kindle. It is a feeling that I missing out if I don’t get them today.  Am I addicted to books for my Kindle?

Right now I am reading Strangled by Silk by Barbara Jean Coast. On my long list of downloaded books to read are: Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk by Stephen Kaminsky, The Shop of Spells by Sharon Grey, The Girl Who Started the War to End All Wars by Rachelle McCalla, Slip and Go Die by Sharon Rose and those are only a few from the long list. I have many more mysteries to go, not to mention cookbooks, gardening books, Christian devotionals and essential oil books. The magazines I have waiting for me are Prevention, Guideposts and Do It Yourself. Plus, since I am now signed as an author  with Cozy Cat Press, I want to read all the books from the other authors at Cozy Cat Press that are now my friends.

Since I also love the feel of a good book in my hand, I have bookshelves of real books I have not read. Recently when visiting a Barnes and Noble, I wanted to scoop up all the new journals to record my thoughts. They are so cute and I feel the itch in my hand to pick them up and sniff the smell of the book. It makes me sigh and want to buy them. I love journals and appointment books too. I had to control myself and walk out of the store with only a magazine. After all, how many appointment books does one person need? I write the appointments in the books and then don’t look at them. Perhaps I do need more, one in every room in my house so I can’t forget to look at them. I must revisit that store. The itch is twitching.

Can you feel my stress? How can someone be stressed about reading? My heart pounds faster, my body tenses as I describe all of this. Perhaps instead of working, I want to be reading and work is keeping me from reading all those delectable books on my Kindle.

Did I mention that I am a writer? I have written “Granny Hooks A Crook”, a silly book about a fictional silly town in Minnesota. It is the first in the series and I am working on Fuchsia Series #2. Of course then there is also the weekly column I write for the Albert Lea Tribune and the Bi-monthly column I write for the Courrier Sentinel called Something About Nothing. I am very good about writing about nothing. I am also doing free lance articles.  And there is Whatchamacallit?Thingamajig? another series about Grandmothers and Grandkids I am supposed to be writing but the reading bug insinuates itself deep into my soul. It makes me lazy, it teases me and tells me that the dishes can wait, the laundry can wait and the writing can wait, because you never know what is going to happen on the next page.

The books keeps calling to me. The pages keep turning.  They tell me to put aside my writing, and stay with their pages. Do you hear the pages of the books calling to you? Can we resist? Will we work today or will the lure of words on the pages keep us enthralled? It’s a mystery.Cozy Cat Authors

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