I Write When I Write But Then I Don’t!

natashaI don’t know why keeping up with this blog is so hard. I have other blogs such as justalittlefluff.com and thankfuljoy.com. I do pretty well with justalittlefluff.com. I usually post my columns and any writing news on that blog. Thankfuljoy.com is my thankfulness blog and even though I am thankful every day for what God has given me, I have a hard time posting.

This blog is this n that. I think my problem is that I have a hard time believing anyone would be interested in what I post. So read this if you want, or don’t because I write and then I don’t. It is the don’t I am working on.

According to the dictionary Don’t is doing what should not be done. Wow, maybe I that means I should not write this blog of nonsense. How many don’ts do we have in our lives?

We are always telling our children “Don’t do that.” Don’t go there.” “Don’t talk back to me.” Don’ts are kind of like “You can’t.”

I dislike “You can’t.” The minute someone tells me I can’t I absolutely try to figure out someway to make that an “I can.”

Words like can’t and don’t seem to spur me on to do and can. Is that the way it is  with you?

The more we ban our children from something, the more they want to do it.

My cats cannot go in my laundry room and my basement. I have a screen door to keep them out. Of course, where do they want to go the most? The basement and laundry room. My office has a door to keep the cats out because they bother things. Where is their favorite place to try and break in to? My office. On the days they can get into my office, because I leave the door open when I am not in there, it is not a big deal. They investigate and leave. They are just like children. Ban a room, they want to be there. Ban a book and my kids always wanted to read it.

In fact, when my kids were growing up, I found the best way to talk my one son out of buying something I didn’t think he should have, was to tell him it was his decision. I knew he wouldn’t buy it. If I had told him he didn’t need it and couldn’t have it, he always wanted it.

So you see, I want to write and then I don’t. So maybe someone should tell me don’t and then I do when it comes to this blog.

Am I not making sense? Is this strange? Of course it is. This is a blog of my meandering thoughts, sometimes making sense and sometimes not. If you like it, keep reading, if you don’t and notice I said don’t, then don’t.



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