Another Clumsy Cook In The House!

Water is often used to cook foods such as noodles.

Water is often used to cook foods such as noodles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so happy I am giggling with glee. I am not the only clumsy cook in my house. Bible Study is tonight at my home. Usually we start with a potluck meal. I did some scrubbing and polishing to make our guests think I cleaned the house. The floor was shining, after all I wasn’t cooking. My husband is the chef for tonight and usually he is the clean cook in the house. He harasses me all the time about my messy droppings while I am cooking and the burnt vegetables.

I am at my desk working and I hear a loud bang. All of a sudden I hear a help hollered out. I run into the kitchen and there is a large glass of water spattered on the floor. When I say spattered I don’t mean in a small puddle I mean spattered into the dining room, almost to the bathroom and all over the kitchen. I guess I could have waited to mop the floor until after the meal was made.

I grabbed a towel and started wiping. As I started wiping I noticed the dried noodles all over the floor. We are having a spaghetti hot dish. I commented on the debris on the floor. Husband claims I didn’t get it when I swept. When was the last time we used spaghetti? I gently wiped up the dried spaghetti crumbs. I finished wiping the water in the dining room and noticed some onion peels. I started laughing. I am not the only messy cook in the household.

For some reason that fact brought joy to my heart. It must mean that we both get so excited about cooking that we like to spread our joy around in the form of food. Ha.

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