Old Scratched Lawn Turtle is New Again!

I have a hard time throwing things out. One day I was visiting my son and I found this scratched up lawn turtle in his garage. I asked him what he was planning on doing with it. He gave me a one word answer “Trash.” He saw a scratched cement turtle to be trashed. I saw a lawn ornament that could be beautiful. This is what Mr. Turtle looked like.

I got out my craft paints and started painting. I never know what I am doing while I am painting. I usually have a plan and edit it along the way. I am not a trained artist so that what I like about paint. You can always paint over what you do not like. This is Mr. Turtle now. He adorns my yard. I thought he should be eating a worm so I created a worm out of clay. I love my Mr. Turtle.

Don’t throw away, give something old a new life to live another day.

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