How Did I Accumulate All This Broken Junk Jewelry?

Again, it is amazing what you find in the piles of stuff in your basement. I had the idea at one time that any jewelry I picked from a garage sale or inherited from dead relatives that were broken  could be fixed. If it couldn’t be fixed it would be a beautiful addition to a bird house or painting or whatever my mind could dream up.

I tossed all these little trinkets in a box in the basement. When I found it again the little trinkets were woven around one another. Do you suppose old junk jewelry has a life of its own and grows and weaves around each other something like a snake? That must have been what happened because I certainly wouldn’t have done that.

I picked up the bits and pieces and sorted them. After I sorted them I thought “What am I doing to put these in? Why am I keeping these? The creative part of keeping junk hasn’t happened yet.” I kept on sorting and sorting and sorting. I found some really neat stuff.

Some pieces would make good earrings. Some pieces would make a good play piece for my grandchildren. Some pieces could be re-strung. I got things sorted and decided what I needed to get rid of.

I picked up all the pieces that I sorted  and put them neatly back in the box together. We will see if they grow around each other. Yes, you guessed it. Those old junky pieces are going back into the pile in my basement. I am not ready to give up the creative ideas I have with the old pieces of junk. I got rid of zero pieces. What can I say. Do I say not as I do?

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