Freedom to Vote!

I voted yesterday. Usually I cast my votes without too much of a thought as to the privilege of voting. Yesterday I was casting my ballot in support of building a new school in my community.

This campaign for a new school caused some tension in my community. There were people on both sides of the issue that had strong feelings. The outcome was decided by our votes. I was reminded as I was voting that no matter what the outcome, if it didn’t go the way I hoped, I was lucky. I was lucky because I had the freedom to vote for or against something that mattered in my community.

Not only did we have the freedom to cast our vote we had the freedom to voice our opinions prior to the vote. We didn’t have to agree on the outcome. We could have varied opinions and they could be broadcast throughout our country without fear of reprisal.

I respect the fact that there are opinions different from mine. Occasionally those voices get heated and spew derogatory comments on some issues. Although I like things being respectfully presented we have to value those that present their differences in a more dramatic way. They can do so in this country as long as it is done without violence. They too have that freedom.

As I was walking away from voting I noticed the  people from many walks of life ready to cast their vote one way or another for something they believed in. We take that for granted as we do many of our freedoms. We may have many differences in our country and many different opinions but we still live in a great country where we can be passionate about something and have the freedom to voice that passion.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” S. G. Tallentyre

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