Can’t We All Get Along?

Sprinkled Notes isn’t about one topic. It is notes and thoughts that meander through my mind on  a day to day basis. Today my thoughts are wondering why we can’t agree to disagree without bashing the other side.

My school district is in the midst of trying to build a new school. The vote is soon. We have the Vote Yes side and the Vote No side. From what I see the Vote Yes side is acting professional, respecting others opinions and keeping it positive. On the other hand I have observed that some people on the vote no side seems to bully and bash people in their comments, on Facebook and in the community. I respect the fact that they have their opinion and feel that a new school is not needed. I don’t agree with the way they are directing their comments. When I make my decisions I usually listen to both sides if the facts are presented appropriately. People bashing and ranting is not the way to get a point across seriously. People tend to stop listening.

I can’t fault anyone for their methods when the people we are supposed to look up to and respect in our country are doing the same thing. There is a saying Children Learn What They Live. What do we learn from those in higher authority?

The politicians run their campaigns on a bully and bash technique. The dirtier the story the louder that shout it. We either turn them off or we buy into what they are selling. We don’t use rational  thought to make our decisions. We are not given factual information in the ads and we don’t look any further for the facts. Of course many times it is hard to uncover the facts under all the mish mash we are hearing.

I see the bashing of each others parties on Facebook. Some friends have a different view than I do. That is ok. What you don’t realize that for me when you are ridiculing, making fun of and ripping one parties beliefs you are also ripping, making fun of and disrespecting your friends beliefs. The way you are promoting your party doesn’t make me want to switch my opinion. What would maybe make me switch my opinion would be the facts presented respectfully not with bashing cartoons. Give me a factual reason presented to me without bashing and making fun of my beliefs.

I don’t usually comment on political things. I don’t usually comment on political postings on Facebook unless they are presented in a respectful way. I love my friends. I respect their opinions. I wish they would express them without bashing my beliefs.

Why can’t we all get along? Why do we always have to be right? Are we accomplishing anything by not taking the time to view the facts, respect the other sides opinions and perhaps get along enough that we can come to a middle ground.

Then again why should we expect anything else. We live what we see and we don’t see too much respect for each others opinions in the media. So I guess we can expect it to get worse for our grandkids. They won’t know any different.

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