As The World Turns I Miss You!

I am feeling a little lost today. My evening routine was altered last night. I usually sprint into the door of my home after a long day of fixing computers.  I finish routine tasks such as “What am I going to have for supper?” Yes, I said supper because I live in the midwest and I refuse to change my supper to dinner just to adjust to those who are always correcting me when I am talking about my evening meal.

Back to my routine. After I carry out all the mundane tasks I kick off my shoes, get comfy and turn on my television. I anticipate catching up on my favorite soap opera’s which until last year included The Young and The Restless, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. Then Proctor and Gamble took Guiding Light away from us. Friday, Sept. 17, 2010 they stole our time with As The World Turns.

Last night I turned on my TV, checked my DVR and just sat and looked at my DVR list that had recorded during the day. I took a moment of silence to eulogize the fact that As The World Turns was not there.  I couldn’t catch up on the lives of Kim, Bob, Lucinda, Lisa, the Snyder family and of course Tom and Margo and the rest of the characters that I have spent 40 years with. 

 I have had to take a lot of flack from my family for watching Soap Opera’s. I used to joke that they relaxed me because of course my life could never be as outrageous as some of the storylines in the past few years. As The World Turns would take me out of my world for a little while so I could live in the fantasy of theirs. It would take me away from the stresses of the office. It would take me away from my aches and pains. It would take me away from the endless details that I needed to take care of.

I alternated between rooting for Holden and Lily and then rooting for Damian and Lily  the bad boy who could win your heart and make you hate him a second later. I lost myself in the craziness of Tom and Margo and Mr. Big so many years ago. I would lay in bed and night and rehash scenes rewriting them because  I absolutely knew that I could have done a better job of connecting history to the characters on some days. Or not.

We will never know if Andy was able to conquer his drinking habit. We will never know if Margo and T om ever see Adam again. We will never know the next person to use the wine cellar at Fairwinds for some dastardly deed. We will never know if Meg gets better or if Emma ever comes  back to the farm. Is Iva happy? Is Kirk Anderson still alive or what about Lucinda’s sister Samantha? We will never know except in our imaginations of the future.

I would have liked to have seen the families together one last time.  There could have been an Oakdale Reunion. The family get togethers were something that fans loved best. I would have loved to have seen Lisa being courted by all her former beaus that still inhabit this earth.  It would have been a party for the Hughes family past and present,the Snyder family past and present, and the Walsh family, the Stewart family along with many others that graced the screen in the past. But alas that reunion will have to happen only in my dreams.

Farewell. You didn’t get older As The World Turns, you got better. And your fans would know.

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