Fat Old Woman in Las Vegas: Gambling, Dieting and Wicked Fun by Pat Dennis

61vah2DY+pL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_This week I thought I would highlight the book by my Sister’s In Crime Author and Comedian, Pat Dennis. It was recently picked and featured on KSTP Channel Five Twin Cities Live Book Club. It is next on my list to purchase.

Pat Dennis is an award-wining author and comedian. Pat is the author of HOTDISH TO DIE FOR, a collection of six culinary mystery short stories where hotdish is the weapon of choice (18 hotdish recipes are included). She is the contributing editor for HOTDISH HAIKU and WHO DIED IN HERE?, 25 mystery short stories by 25 premier storytellers where the crime occurs in the bathroom. MURDER BY CHANCE, is herdebut novel in the Betty Chance mystery series. It is the story of a woman whose husband leaves her for an older fatter woman. Betty Chance was left penniless and deeply in debt. In order to earn a living she opens a tour business for gambling junkets to casinos. All bets are off when she discovers a dead body, or two. KILLED BY CHANCE is the second book in the series, set in Biloxi, Mississippi. Pat’s critically acclaimed humourous and touching travel memoir FAT OLD LADY IN LAS VEGAS: GAMBLING, DIETING AND WICKED FUN was released in 2016. Her novel STAND-UP AND DIE is a mystery set in the stand-up comedy world. Pat’s short stories have appeared in ANNE FRASIER’S DEADLY TREATS, The Minnesota Crime Wave’s SILENCE OF THE LOONS, RESORT TO MURDER, ONCE UPON A CRIME ANTHOLOGY, WRITES OF SPRING and the upcoming COOKED TO DEATH from Nodin Press. Her fiction and humor have been published in National Public Radio’s Minnesota Monthly, FMAM, Woman’s World, The Pioneer Press, and The Sun Current newspapers. She is a veteran of 1,000 plus performances in comedy clubs, Fortune 500 special events, woman’s organizations, and church basements across the country. She has worked with such notables as Phyllis Diller, Lewis Black, Tommy Chong and Nick Swardson.

Fat Old Woman in Las Vegas: Gambling, Dieting and Wicked Fun

After fighting off physical indignities that would keep a lesser woman in her recliner, Pat Dennis sets out on a solo journey to experience the loves of her life–Las Vegas, gambling and all-you-can eat buffets. Pat travels the two thousand miles alone from Minnesota to Sin City by car, train and greyhound bus. Pat’s ability to take an honest and often hilarious look at aging, declining health, out-of-control gambling and a myriad of nueroses, make this an inspiring, funny and enjoyable read. Pat Dennis’ short stories and humor appear in magazines such as Woman’s World and Minnesota Public Radio’s, Minnesota Monthly. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies, including Anne Frasier’s Deadly Treats. Who Died in Here?; The Silence of the Loons; Resort to Murder; Fifteen Tales of Murder, Mayhem and Malice From the Land of Minnesota Nice; Once Upon a Crime Anthology; Writes of Spring, and Mood Change. She is the author of the Betty Chance mystery series which includes Murder by Chance and Killed by Chance. The third book in the series, Dead by Chance, will be published in the Spring of 2016. Her other novels include Stand-Up and Die, and a Middle School novel The Witches of Dorkdom, written under her pen name, Nora England. Pat performed as a stand-up comedian with over a thousand performances at comedy clubs, Fortune 500 companies, women’s expos, and special events. She has appeared on the same venue as Lewis Black, Phyllis Diller, and Nick Swardson. Visit her at patdennis.com.

Fat Old Woman in Las Vegas